Who we Are?

Women's shoeguide was created in 2011. Out of sheer annoyance, from not being able to clean a pair of satin shoes. I know not the best reason to develop a website, but it made sense then and it makes better sense now.

It took me 5 minutes to find a solution. Which isn't bad, but I thought why isn't this information located in one spot? Why should I have to travel from site to site to get an answer.

That's when it dawn on me! If I can owed over 400 pair of shoes...don't judge. Why can't I know how to care, wear and appreciate my shoes?


Thus was born the women's shoeguide. An informational site on women's shoes. The ends and outs on everything shoes. What shoes goes best with every style of clothing? How to find inexpensive designer shoes, how to care for your shoes and so on.

A casual approach on the discoveries I have come across relating to shoes, that I like to share with you.The more information you have accessible the better choices and decisions you will make.

A shoe resource for women who would like to know more about their shoes. Owning and buying shoes are a favorite pastime for most women. Anything after that for most of us is a dead end.

We at women's shoeguide don't believe that our love for shoes ends at the display window or show case. We believe that our passion for shoes is learning, understanding and care are the building blocks or an endless love.

Shoes heel our soles and make things so much brighter!