Amazon Puts A Smile On Your Face is more than just books. Jeff Bezos had a dream to sell books on line back in the 90's. No one else was doing it and it made sense.

Well his dream became reality and then some. This on-line retailer has become a " one stop shopping center" that can be reached without leaving your couch.

Jeff founded the company in 1994. He named the organization after the Amazon River due to the size and expansion of the river.

Based in Seattle, Washington the retailer was designed to sell books on-line quickly, but since inception it has become a much bigger player in various areas. 

The retail giant sells electronics, software, toys, apparel, video games home improvement, health and beauty and much more.

The vision of the company is to always be customer centric. The philosophy is the customer should never be let down, disappointed or unhappy with a purchase. The customer needs, wants and desires should and will always come first with the company.

Sales in 1996 generated 15.7 million and it was time to take the company into another level. went public.  The IPO (Initial Public Offering) of stock happen in May of 1997.

Within 2 years of taking the company public the Mr. Bezos was named "Person of the Year" by Time Magazine.  He was the "King of Cyber Commerce." Sales in that same year reached 1.6 billion.

When most's businesses died by the late 90's early 2000's This retailer muddled through. During the years 2000/2001 the company experience a dark period.  Loses of over 1.4 billion dollars a 15% workforce decrease, two warehouses and one customer service center closed their doors.  Jeff believed he could still bring the company through the light with time and readjusting the company's direction.

Never losing faith and business acumen Mr. Bezos relied and believed in the company' six (6) core values:
-customer obsession
-bias for action
-high hiring ban

"Our vision, he said is to be the world's most customer centric company. The place where people come to find and discover anything they might want on-line."  The best part of this motto is they can do it all on one site.

The Kindle tablet was released in 2007. It was an instance success. By the year 2010 the Kindle and EBooks sales reached 2.38 billion dollars. 

The success of this retailer is based on strong, smart, savvy leadership. Understanding why, who, what and wants has taken the company to a whole different level. Allowing the customer to have a voice has helped Amazon become the "retailer that listens"  

Give the customer a voice and all will listen.  With the incentive of allowing the customer review products on their site has helped the company know what their customer thinks, wants and expects.