Ankle Boots Are The
Hottest Boot Around

Ankle boots those cute little boots that come up to the ankle are... Shoes with attitude. Not quite a shoe or boot, but somewhere in between. 

Offering a bit more of functionality while gaining kudos in fashion presentation. Reaching up to the ankle or just beyond. The little kick-ass boot with shoe appeal.

The ankle boot is a selective choice amongst women's boots. This is a style that does not go over big with all women.  The boot tends to make calves look heavier and shorter.

Footwear mocked after a pair of shoes, but with higher expectations. Rising slightly or completely over the ankle with the boldness of a boot. Yet, remaining confident as a shoe. It may have high or flat heel.

The styling of the boot is wonderful. It provides a seamless long line. They work well under or over pants or jeans. Booties are very fashion forward. Flattering pants, dresses and skirts. A timeless piece of footwear.

The granny boot is a great example of an ankle boot which enhances pants and dresses. The short boot reflects another time period while still being fashionable today.

Victorian style boots are staple in any wardrobe. Their versatility is limitless. Used as bridal footwear or high heeled leather dominatrix style boots. Whatever rocks your boots. The granny boot has been around a long time with no ending in sight.

What does one wear with booties? 
Pants, short and long skirts, and dresses. Pants are the best item to wear with ankle boots. They give the appearance of length and nothing looks better than a women with miles of leg.
A pair of jeans or dress slacks look fabulous with short boots. Pants may be worn tucked or untuck into the boot. The untucked version looks cleaner for trousers or flair bottom pants. The tucked version is cool with a pair of skinny jeans or leggins.

Every style of pants does not compliment booties. Pants that aren't paired well with with booties include cropped pants and capris. Cropped pants tend to cut into the length of the leg visually. It erases the natural leg line and gives an awkward appearance. Capris' don't blend with booties either. Ending the length just above the ankle creates a chopped off eye sore. 

Ankle boots begin above or below the ankle if paired with pants that end at the ankle its creates a clash of the uglys and it is not a great look. The two together is slightly odd and it looks like you are wearing floods (when your pants are to short for your shoes). Not attractive.

I tend to get off track, but as I was saying...
What works with this type of boot?
A great A-line style dress. You know the kind that just falls straight down with a little flair! Mini's or shift dresses in exciting tones of color compliment a shorter boot. Shorter skirts worn with booties should fall a couple of inches above the knee.

Little booties bring excitment to long dresses that can be a little stuffy. If you wear booties with a long skirt or dress keep the length as long as possible. Show no leg and allow the boot to blend in with your garment.