Tough, Edgy, Masculine Is
Ann Demeulemeester

Known as one of the Antwerp 6, Ann Demeulemeester is no joke. Her shoes and clothes make you think - here is one bad-ass woman. Ann was born and raised in Belgium.

She attended Belgium's Royal Academy of Fine Arts for design. A year after graduating she won the Golden Spoel Award, an award given to the most promising fashion designer.


Her shoes and boots are interesting to look at. Many times they are even unattractive off the foot.

Once you get past this uncertainty and you put on pair of her boots, you just know they are the ones.

In 1985 Ann released her first line with her husband Patrick Robyn.

Her designs demonstrated a masculine look, but still had a feminine touch.

You would never mistake her shoes as coming from Stuart Weitzman, but you wouldn't get the feeling, they were a pair of Bally's either. She creates a funky harmony amongst the sexes.

Ann's element of design is straight forward. Her shoes have a no nonsense appeal. They state an attitude of toughness, but in such a cool way.

The Demeulemeester line is mainly seen in Paris, especially showcased during Paris Fashion Week. Her creativeness and atmosphere relate more to a European styling. She maintains total control of her business.

Her products are never licensed out. She prefers to oversee the creative process and most of the production. Everything is distributed in-house, to keep control under her roof.

Patti Smith, singer, writer, and poet is a longtime friend and muse. Ann has collaborated with Patti on clothing lines from time to time. Patti's interesting androgynous vibe is so closely matched with Ann's designs, they do seem to be a destined pairing.

The shoes Ann creates represent the power of being edgy, while still retaining the need to be girly.

Focusing on boots and the power they represent, helps demonstrate the fact that designs by Ann Demeulemeester are meant to be taken very seriously.

She is not a warm and fuzzy designer, whose goal is to appear carefree and fun. Her shoes and clothing speak aggression, with a touch of calmness.

Ann's focus has always been on what she sees and believes. She is not one to wonder what the next designer is doing, or how the trends are currently moving.


She does not allow these distractions to keep her from focusing on what she needs to.

She is naturally curious about what others are doing, but never enough to compromise her design aesthetic.

Ann Demeulemeester believes that every designer has a soul to bare, and it should be represented in their work.

When the soul is evident, there is no need to wonder.