Barefoot Sandals The Worlds Most Comfortable Sandal

What are barefoot sandals?

A sole-less sandal. It technically not a sandal, but more of jewerly for the feet. Typically, the naked shoe is beading on an elastic cord, that stretches from the second toe and goes around the ankle.

Known to be used for beach weddings, poolside fun, sexy dancing or just for the hell of it. The
naked sandal can be worn with shoes for an added drama.

The sheer sandal originates from Asia. Used for festivities and events surrounding celebrations. They are pieces of jewelry like anklets and toe rings that enhance the foot.

They can be worn on the hands as bracelets or slipped on top of the foot under a pair of shoes. Soleless sandals come in various sizes or custom fit.

The elastic strap that runs between the toe and over the ankle allows for comfort. The beading rest on the upper portion of the foot. There is not much too a barefoot sandal, but the beauty they can provide is breathtaking.

Occassionally worn with shoes to create an instant face lift for the shoe or just for a change of pace.

Where can you purchase barefoot sandals?
These sandals are available on-line at, ,

These lovely faux shoes are jewels for the feet. They are beautifully crafted and create an instant appeal. Most of the naked sandals are crafted by designers who create their own designs. Since the sandal is just a jewelry accessory, you can make our own.

Construction of the soleless sandal is really simple. It is stringing beads onto a cord. To create a barefoot sandal you will need:

Stretch Cord or Elastic (0.6 or 0.8 mm thick)
Small Beads (approx 150) These are for base of the design
Large Beads (approx 50) Accents
2 Pretty Accent Bead/Charm
Crimp Beads (approx 20)
Closure Chain (i.e. fish hook, lobster claw)

Note: Do not use metal beads, they will become from the sun and could cause a burn. Painted beads may discolor from chlorine or salt water. a design layout. You can do it on paper or with the beads.

Take the cord and tie a double knotted loop around the second toe. Pull tight
One side should be slightly shorter than the other side.

Thread the first bead on the cord going in the opposite direction.
Starting your beading and continue your pattern.

Once you have all your beads on the first side of the cord, add a crimp bead on the end.
Run the cord through the closure chain.

Start beading other side and follow above steps.
Add a crimp bead and pull cord through closure chain.

Creating your own shoeless sandals gives you the opportunity to be unique and original.
Brides who have tropical style weddings tend to design sandals for their bridal party so each girl's can be different.

The barefoot sandal is great for accessorizing your feet when you want a little something extra. An inexpensive way of bringing creative to otherwise boring feet.

They look wonderful when you are strolling on the beach or just hanging poolside. What a unique way to show off that pedicure with a shoeless sandal!