Basketball Sneakers
Choosing Wisely

When shopping for basketball sneakers they should be durable, contain stability, flexibility, shock absorption and support. Regardless of the position you play in basketball, your sneakers need to provide you with these hardcore elements to prevent injury and provide comfort.


When a player hits the court the last thing she needs to focus on is her sneakers.

An athlete needs to be able to count on her footwear, like one of her teammates.

Good basketball sneakers are more than just statement makers. They help prevent injuries and supply comfort.

How do to choose basketball sneakers for the your needs?
When choosing basketball sneakers start with your preference.
Do you like low to mid cut or high tops?
Which of these styles feels good and comfortable.
Are they covering all your wants and needs? cushioning, flexibility shock absorption and etc.

It is not so easy to select a basketball shoe, so I will offer some advice and reccomendations. Basketball players can be grouped into three catagories, All Around Players, Power Players and Speed Players.

All Round and Power Players tend to stick with high top sneakers. Reasons they appreciate the built-in ankle support and the midsole.

Since Power and All Round Players are in continous jumping motions a high top basketball sneaker enhances the necessary support.

Mid to low cut sneakers are excellent for Speed Players. Speed Players need to have the ability to move freely. The high top sneaker's additional support is to heavy for the speed baller. A fast basketball player can never feel restricted in their movements.

Things to consider when you are buying basketball shoes. Analyze how you play the game. Are you a re-bounder? Do you pop 3 pointers, like a pro? Are you running the court?
Knowing what you do on the court will help you decide what sneaker is best for you.


According to the latest research anyone jumping in any sport should have extra cushioning. I would highly suggest a padded midsole.

The midsole is the layer of springy, soft materials located between the upper and outsole. Players think of this as the soul of the basketball sneaker. It impacts the level of shock absorption.

Midsoles are made of E.V.A. (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) a lightweight material. The down side to E.V.A. (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) is it doesn't provide stability and durability.

The stitching on athletic footwear is consideration worth examining. The more stitching the basketball sneakers the better. Why? The stiching supplies lateral support for the foot. This keeps the foot in place inside the shoe.

Another consideration that should be examine is the outersole. The outersole is the rubber on the bottom of basket ball sneakers. Made from non-marking materials that features a herringbone pattern that provide additional traction.

Let's checkout some of the popular name brands of basketball-sneakers. There are many, but all are not equal. The major brand names have become all-stars in this arena.
Where to start?....

Our list will begin with Addias. Addias created one of the first pairs of women's sneakers. They are flexible and light. Reasonably price and they get the job done.

Good ole Nike is our next basketball "Allstar". Nike sneakers are based on pure research. Nike's basketball sneakers provide support, cushioning and shock absorption. The one downside is they tend to be heavy.

The Nike brand is famous for endorsing celebrated athletes. Their sneakers are prime, but they tend to cost more than others. Again, you are paying for a high quality product and the pricing is reflective.

The Reebok shoe is doable, but it lacks in a few areas. The sneaker is structuredwell as far as appearance. The issue I have with this sneaker is that they do not feel well cushioned or supporting.

Its like the original converse sneakers. Stiff and cute yet missing the necessary substances for basketball. Converse and Reebok are good sneakers, but from my experience they are not sturdy enough when I am trying to play ball.

Basketball shoes are made entirely different than other types of sneakers. The reasons why you should refrain from wearing other sneakers while playing b-ball are valid and should be taken seriously.

A track sneaker will not provide you with the cushioning, flexibility and shock absorption that you need. So if you learned one thing from womens-shoeguide, please wear the correct footwear at all times. Your injuries or lack of injuries depends on it.