I Want to Get Into Bed With Be & D

When I first saw Be & D I thought what is the word bed have to do with fashion?
It turns our Be & D is not bed, but stands for Be Inthavong and Steve Dumain.


Two luxurious shoe designers who believe in old world craftsmanship with modern creativity.

Inthavong hails from the Texas Dallas/Fort Worth area and Steve from Upstate New York.

Steve and Be both have a strong unique sense of style. Dumain would rummage through thrift store to find odd quirky pieces.

He saw potential in items everyone else would walk away from. A graduate from the University of Vermont and former film industry veteran. Once a writer and director for film.

In 2004 Be and Steve met in Brooklyn, NY. They both appreciate what the other envisions in creative fashion. Be & D was founded. Their first accessory was a pocket book called the "Garbo" bag. This bag launched their Be & D uses innovative designs with luxurious materials.

Known for using the finest leathers and exotic skins. Makes a quality product. Personally training their seamstress. Teaching them the intricacies which define their label.

Steve and Be worked beside their team to ensure that every piece created follows their guidelines for quality and detail. careers into superstardom. They became international sensations.

Following the Be& D perception of fashion means understanding that the design process is always evolving.

Inspiration comes from being alive, the environment and dreams. These qualities are reflected in their shoes and bags. Before the success of the Garbo bag. Inthavong & Dumain were flying way under the radar.

The biggest hurdle they had to cross was getting noticed. They product was flawless, but no one was paying attention to what the boys were producing.

The success of Be & D's handbags opened door to launched their shoe line. These shoes were sweet. They had bright metallica, soft buttery suede with avant-garde designs. They brought energy and drama where there was none. Studding details, combining materials to express different emotions.

All Be & D products are made in Italy or New York. Italy is still considered the best place to make shoes, in small quantities.

The top shoemakers in the world reside in Tuscany, Italy.

The Be & D customer is an independent confident spiritual woman. With a bit of edge, passion and determination.

She knows quality and is not afraid to want, need or demand it. Any woman with a love for luxurious shoes or handbags will find a "must-have" piece in the Be & D collection. Owning a bag or pair of shoes from these designers you will have top quality matierials that are made to perfection.