Booties Are They Really
Just Shoes ???

Booties are an ulitimate piece of footwear. It has best features of a shoe and boot. As far as women's boots go this particular boot has strong appeal. The ankle boot can have open toes, cut outs and high or low heels. They intrigue a pair of jeans, seduce a mini skirt or compliment a dress. This item is subtle or outrageous depending on style and who's wearing them.

What does the short boot offer?
It introduces fun and flirtness to most clothing. They make me think of a badass girl. Who is represents the coolest, freshest thing out.

Platform shorties are the boldest variation of style with this type of boot. This boot comes off high, tough and mean. It demostrates a woman who know a pair of kick-ass shoes!

Ankle boots demostrate cuteness like no other shoe. Ever see a women wearing a pair of short boots with a jeans? It looks sexy and so cute. It's casual, but suitable to go to dinner or clubbing.

Here are a few tips when wearing short boots.
Booties can be worn with pants. Preferably not with the shorter length pants. If exposing the leg with the shorter style boots, calves need to be trim and slim.

Booties shorten the leg line. A thicker calf inside boot gives the appearance of a thick leg and does not compliment the shoe or the leg.

Black stocking and black short boots enlogate the leg. Your legs will look miles longer and you will feel taller and leaner.

Stay away from pencil skirts when wearing ankle-boots. The pencil skirt is to long and to distrubs the leg line. Avoid bare legs with short boots, unless they are a sandal type of boot.

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The thing about booties is knowing how and when to wear them with your clothes. It sounds simple enough but there are hidden faux pas.