Brian Atwood
Fabulous Shoe Designer
and So Gorgeous...

Love Brian Atwood shoes, then I saw his face and I fell in love with the man. Mr. Atwood is one hot designer. It's not just physical appearance, but his shoe line is hot and popping.


Hailing from Chicago, Illinois. Attended Southern Illinois University, studying Art and Architecture. Continuing his education at Headed to New York's famous Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T.).

His introduction into fashion was by way of modeling. He modeled throughout Europe for seven (7) years. Modeling help launch his career, but it was not were his heart laid.

In 1996 he became the first American to be hired by Gianni Versace in Milan. Versace believed that Brian was future of fashion. He designed the Versace's Versus Line and became the chief designer for women's accessories.

2001 Brian created his label. He decided it was time to journey on his own. He dedicated his line to creating the most gorgeous drop dead shoes. Take a peek at and live the shoe dream.

His shoes are some of the most creative beautiful looking shoes. Recongized by CFDA (Counsel of Fashion Designers of America)in 2003 by awarded him the Swarovski's Perry Ellis Award, for Best Accessory Design.

Atwood shoes are wickedly sexy and aggressive. They are like a tough gangster who has a soft spot for his mom or women in general.

His shoes are designed to be long and lean. While creating a naughty factor. The shoes consist of contrasting details expertly constructed. Using the finest luxury materials. His shoes become the fantasy. They lure you in by seducing you with flash, arrogance and temptation.

Known for his sculpture footwear and creative use of jewels, fringe and metals his designs are favorite amongst celebrities. Kate Hudson, Victoria Beckham, Eva Mendes and Lady GaGa are big supporters and clients.

2010 he won the Footwear News "Designer of the Year Award". A major milestone in a career that is just getting warmed up.

2011 the B Brian Atwood Collection is introduced. Representing a Downtown flavor, Upper East Side style with Paris sophistication. The brand own the "Launch of the Year" by Footwear News.


Brian Atwood's Collections are sold at luxury retailers, Neiman Marcus, Saks, Nordstrom's and Barney's.

Available on-line through, and and most high end boutiques.

Brian works just below the radar. He keeps his label exclusively on the down low. Never over exposed or mass produce.

He has established a brand without hitting us over the head with advertising and promotion.

Overseeing every design, materials and construction keeps his brand integrity.

He believes his shoes are an extensions of him. Creating shoes that are visually pleasing and well made.

The Premier Brian Atwood Store opened in October 2012. Located on Madison Avenue the store is luxurious, beautiful and unique. It is worth taking a walk through. The beauty and the footwear can be intimdating but go in anyway for it is so worth it.