Bridal Boots Instead of Shoes...

A pair of bridal boots is something unique and different to wear under your gown. They can represent the something old, new, blue even the borrowed.


Boots have increased their popularity with brides. Some find them very comfortable to wear. Others find them to be quirky and fun.

Wearing a pair of boots instead of shoes can be just as beautiful. There are bridal boots that are gorgeous and very delicate.

Some are cool and different. Any boot can actually be a wedding boot if you wear it on your wedding day. I am going to focus on boots that tend to be used with wedding gowns.

What Boots are Most Used by Brides?
Drum roll... Cowboy boots and Granny boots.
These two types of boots are universal for they can be used dressed up or down. If you are wearing a traditional gown with the wide skirt a pair of cowboy boots or granny boots could work. The gown doesn't have to be traditional you could wear a short gown with either boot.

Cowboy wedding boots are sometime just plain "old cowboy boots". If you are looking for something a bit more edgy and fun there are other options. A western boot does not need to be white.

You may wear the standard brown, black or tan color boot. Just note: If you don't use white cowboy boots your feet will be center stage once you become active. Cool with the contrast of color then PARTY ON!

When doing a western or country theme wedding cowboy boots are great. They give that extra down home feel. They give that extra something it make it more of a stand, "I'm a country girl and I love it!"

Granny Boots are pretty awesome to wear as your bridal footwear. They are Victorian style
boots. Which lace up the front and comes in above the ankle or mid calf lengths. When worn with a wedding gown it transforms us back into another time.

Traditional and classic. Available in high heels or low heels. They look great with flare or a leg showing stopping gown. Depending on what you are trying to achieve the granny boot makes a dramatic impact when you see the brides feet. Drama is what this bridal boot creates.


Uggs has design a line of bridal boots. The "I Do Collection". Ugg has taken their comfortable casual boots and turned it into a bridal line.

In theory these are the perfect wedding shoes for comfort. In reality maybe not so much...
I love Ugg's and you can't beat their how luxurious they feel on the feet. Yet as a bridal shoe???

Listed are the best and the worst/not the best reasons of wearing Uggs as the bridal boot. Use these as a reference if you are debating about wearing a pair of Uggs under your gown.

Best Reasons
Comfort - You will find nothing more comfortable than this boot.
Unique - Would be original and different
Sensible - Better for your feet than high heels
Durable - Can with stand bad weather

Worst/Not the Best Reasons
Style - Honestly, they don't go with everything and they could hurt your glamorous styling.
Appearance - Gorgeous Gown sheepskin boots...enough said
Attention - Everyone will notice and talk,but not in a good way
Occasion - It's your wedding. Do you want to look back and see Ugg's on your feet?

Bottom's your wedding and if your want to wear bridal boots than do so.
Just understand that a mother, best friend or someone you never met will make comments.
So be ready and try not to take it so personally.

You are the bride and if you decide to wear Uggs, Cowboy boots or Granny boots than we all will just grin and pretend to understand.