Rules of Bridal Flip Flops
and Flip Flops Period

Are we substituting high heels with bridal flip flops?
Goodness! I hope not! I just couldn't bear having one more modern cheesy whim, replace a traditional wedding standard.

It would be like wearing white to a wedding (when you are not the bride). It's just not right or ok. Have we truly gotten past fashion etiquette and formal affairs??


Just so we are clear, there are rules about wearing bridal flip flops and flip flops in general.

I will gladly enlighten you on these rules and why they should be acknowledged.

Hey, you don't have to do believe in this list, but you will admit they are funny and make sense.

Flip Flops have a season they can be worn April to September. They should not be worn between October and March (unless you are on a tropical island).Who wants to see a bride or anyone with red, icy feet. No bride should wearing caught in flip flops in the off season.

The workplace is a big NO-NO. Never ever wear flip flops to work. I don't care if you are running in to the office for a minute. They are so unprofessional and that flit, flit sound (which I love) is annoying to people. It is rude, improper and just wrong


Standing Room Only (hanging out bars, clubs, bachelorette parties, concerts,etc.) Let's get this straight... no shoe that hangs on by a skinny piece of fabric between two toes is meant to be worn with crowds of standing people.

People drop, step, and spill things whenever they are grouped together. Do you really want your feet expose to that environment? Besides it is not attractive and could be dangerous. Your feet are bound to get stepped, spilled or stomped before the end of the night.


Fancy Dictates any place where the event or venue where men need to wear a jacket and women are wearing elegant dresses means no flip flops.

This goes for weddings as well, especially if you are a guest. It also includes when the event is being held on a beach.

If you are not in the wedding then you should not be wearing bridal flip flops.

As a matter of fact there is no such thing as a dressy flip flop. Every flip flop is evenly matched. Regardless, if they have are made by Gucci or Salvatore Ferragamo they are still a flip flop.