Bridal Footwear Beauty, Comfort,
and Pain...Oh My!

The bride selects her bridal footwear. She has chosen her accessories and jewelry. The day has finally arrived... It's her wedding day! She looks stunning. From her majestic tiara to her
designer wedding shoes.

The process of her becoming the bell of the ball was intense and her choices difficult. Yet, this is the day she has been planning for months. Her eyes hold unshed tears. Everyone is thinking how dreamy she looks. Little do they know her feet hurt so much she could cry.


Don't let this happen to you. Unless you prefer pain over beauty. Bridal footwear is a primary element in a bride's ensemble.

A choice of bridal shoes can outweigh comfort. Some brides will select beauty over pain. If the shoes enhance the dress then the pain is worth her eyes. Bridal footwear ranges from delicate silk shoes to funky bridal boots.

It depends on the bride and what she is trying to achieve. Brides are concern about shoe styles and how they can compliment her gown. Every pair of white shoes does not fit every white dress.

Bridal footwear ranges from the delicate fancy to basic pumps. Brides are famous for wearing white shoes with a white gown.

Since white gowns are no longer the standard color selection. Brides have various choices to consider.

The methods for picking bridal shoes are simple. The bride must know what she "likes" and does it work with her gown.

Ok, there are a few other steps, but understanding your "taste" is top of the list. A bride's shoes are a personal selection.

Start the process by deciding how you want your shoes to compliment your dress.

Ivory wedding shoes are welcome with an ivory/beige or a dress of color. Ivory is a neutral shade which blends and compliments other colors.

Many women feel bridal footwear or
wedding shoes should be dyed to match their dress exactly.

This entails purchasing dyeable shoes and using a swatch from the dress for color comparison.
In theory this makes the most sense. In real life it may not be the way every bride thinks.

Brides tend to focus on originality. Every bride wants to be unique and different. They love being the "first" at something. So dyeing a pair of satin shoes to match your gown can be passé to some and traditional for others.

Bridal footwear is subjective to personal taste. What may be right for one bride is not right for another. There are a few suggestions is a better word recommended by and The Knot.

Suggested fabrics for wedding shoes are satin, silk or lace. Leather, suede and patent are acceptable. Though these materials can sometimes be a bit harsh.

Bridesmaid shoes are typically satin and dyed to match their dress. In some bridal parties the bride encourages her girls to pick their own shoes as long as the heel heights are all the same.

Heel heights for bridal-footwear are favored at 3" inches. Three inch heels are recommended for they are the standard heel length for a bridal gown. Higher heels are fine if you preferred, but keep in mind you may be in those shoes for 6 or more hours and your feet will start to rebel. At that point a pair of wedding flip flops comes in handy.

Comfortable shoes can be whatever type and style your feet feel their best. Brides and bridesmaids are known to carry decorated slippers for when the feet have had enough. Bridal footwear is just as important to the bridal party as the reception.

The feet are usually covered, yet they do get noticed. Sometimes as much as the gown or dress. There are thousands of wonderful beautiful selections of shoes to choose. If you decide to wear rhinestone shoes then select a pair that enhances your gown not over powers or cheapens.

Cheap bridal shoes or inexpensive bridal shoes inexpensive bridal shoes are not a bad thing, just make sure the ones you select are comfortable and do not look inexpensive. Your feet will receive attention. Bridal participants should have a pedicure or at the least painted toes. If the toes will be seen from the shoe. A tropical destination wedding which requires barefoot sandals then your feet must be prime!