Bridal Shoes
Friend of Foe??

Bridal shoes are one of the key features on your wedding day. I am telling you that the shoes you wear on your wedding day are more important than your gown. Ok...maybe not the wedding gown, just messing with you...but they are a close second.

When your feet hurt you cannot or will not be yourself. Your feet control how you move.
If they hurt... know there is no holding back on how you move, feel or act. Quite honestly you become a tad cranky. Let's start with the three important rules of bridal shoes.

Rule One: Bridal shoes need to be comfortable.
If you are going to walk around in a minimum of ten hours. I think comfort is so top of the list that everything else should be secondary.

Comfort does not mean unstylish or tasteless. Everyone has their own taste and knows what works for them. There can be comfort found in spike heels or tennis shoes. It varies from person to person.

Rule Number Two: Bridal Shoes should compliment the dress
Regardless, to what shoe you select it "MUST" work with your gown or dress. Wearing a blue shoe to cover the something blue is fine. If the shoe is a blue, faux patent, kitten heel and your gown is true white we got an issue going on.

Rule Three: Wedding shoes must be tried with wedding gown
Believe me this is a big thing. Do not too take it lightly. Going to your first fitting you need to have the shoe you are going to wear with your gown. In order to get a proper fitting in regards to length, wedding shoes need to be present the day of the fitting.

How does one find the perfect wedding shoe?
By research, trial and error. Take a good look at your gown. Think about what type of shoe will make the gown perfect. Start trying on different types of shoes. Sometime we have an idea of what we want and then when we see it, its not quite right. Sample every style of shoe and get a feel for what looks better on your foot.

Consider the styling of the gown. Is it long or short? The material of the gown. Do you want high or low heels? The color of the gown. What shoe would make YOU happy?
These questions you should be able to answer.

A wedding shoe should be selected based on your personal style and preferences. Comfortable enough to wear all day and into the night.

One of the latest ways to find perfect wedding shoes is to hire a "Bridal Shoe Specialist.
The bridal specialist is an expert on bridal shoes. They will match your shoes to your gown by the fabric and color to perfection. The specialist will recommend the best style of shoe that compliments your gown and your feet.

Wedding Shoe Specialist can have a designer custom make shoes solely for you. The cost is exuberant, but you will have "one of a kind" shoes. Is it worth it? I look at this way if you can afford it then I don't see why not? It's your day and you should have whatever you want.