A Brides Shoes Recommendations

As stated previously a brides shoes are one of the most important elements in her wedding. She needs to have the right shoe for her gown and to feel as if she could dance all night in the her shoe selection.

A bride's shoe must feel and look right to her. The shoe has should weight for it not only is featured almost as much as the gown, but it also has to withhold a lot of running around.

I have a list of recommendations for every bride to consider when she starts the process of locating her wedding shoes.

A bridal shoe should reflect the brides personality, her style and her gown. You don't want a shoe to powerful to distract from the gown, but you want a shoe that makes a statement without all the fuss.

The below list is great to use in general not just for brides.

  • Don'give up comfort for style
  • Select a heel height that you are use to wearing

  • Shop for shoes at the end of the day.
    (Feet swell during the day, so you will need to account for it)

  • Do a trial run with your shoes.
    Wear them around the house. NEVER outdoors.
    Reason: Shoes need to be broken in.

  • Remember new shoes tend to have slippery soles.
    Rough the soles with sandpaper or add sole pads
  • A bride's shoes are a personal fashion statement. It is her way of expressing her style.

    The shoes can be opened, closed, pointed or squared toe. They can range from the super high heels to a pair of highly decorated tennis shoes.

    Whatever the case the brides shoes are the bride's choice. She determines what works best for her and her feet. The most important element of the brides shoe is to make the bride happy and can hold up for a very, very, very long day.