Choosing Bridesmaid Shoes
and Keeping the Peace

Picking bridesmaid shoes or picking bridesmaid's dresses, which is the tougher?
I am going with the shoes! Getting all your girls to together is tricky enough.
Try getting them to like or pick a shoe is not easy.

You can decided on your bridesmaids dresses with a few bumps along the way. Usually the bridal party is good about the bride's selecting her favorite dress. Now, comes the choosing of the bridesmaid shoes...


Tips on How to Pre-select
Bridesmaid's Shoes

Inquire about any medical foot issues or conditions: i.e.: corns, bunions, hammer toes

Ask everyone their shoes sizes to determine if there are any hard to fit sizes (5 or 11)
Check to see if everyone is willing to wear the same shoe, regardless of height.

These basic questions can help a great deal before you actually start the shoe selecting process. If you have an ideal about your bridal parties feet you will be ahead of the game.

Who selects the bridesmaid shoes?
This question can best be decided on how you are as an individual.
If you are a bride who wants everything your way. You will be dictating...I mean...requesting that the girls wear your choice of shoes.Without asking or considering their points of view. Maybe...not the best way to go.

Try being a little more flexible. Have your Maid/Matron of Honor involved in shoe selection. Hey, maybe have the entire bridal offer their opinion and suggestions. Make every feel like they are involved or at the most that you want to appear fair and flexible.

Ok, now I am going to put in my own 2 cents. I personally feel If I am asking my closest friends and family to participate in my dream event.
Why wouldn't I allow them to wear something on their feet that they can be comfortable in?

Bridal Party Shoe Etiquette 101
Bridesmaid shoes should all be the same color.
Different heights and different style are acceptable.
Choose a style that will be comfortable for EVERYONE

  • Don't select shoes that are too expensive. Remember this is for one day
    and it's not their day.
  • Listen to your party when they have doubts, questions or complaints
    Everyone deserves to be heard if they are spending money
  • It is your day and you deserve your wedding to be like you want, but you need to consider your requests when you make them.

Bridesmaid Shoes Tips for the Bride-To-Be
Decide if you are making the decision on what shoes will be chosen. This is the easiest option and guarantees everyone will be identical.

  • Have everyone order their shoes in advance. The shoes should be broken in before the wedding.
  • Make sure you get shoes that are comfortable. Your girls will be on their feet for long periods of time.
    Think about purchasing flip flops or slippers for your girls. This would prevent them from taking off their shoes and being barefoot.

Talk to your girls about the selections you make. Ask their opinions, check to see if they like the design and style. Having your girls on your side will not only make their life easier, but it will make your life better.

When shopping for bridal party shoes let your girls know that you would like their opinions. Too listen to an opinion is considerate, but you hold the final decision.

Where you shop for the bridesmaid shoes is just as important as the selection you make. If you want your dresses and shoes to match or semi-match try shopping at a bridal shop.

They will offer a variety of shoes, which can be purchased as is or dyed. David's Bridal and Payless Shoes offer a nice dyeing service.

If you are going to allow your bridal party to pick their own style of shoes, not color. Agree to let them shop were they would like maybe, or

Remember, if a bridesmaids feels uncomfortable or unhappy in their shoes it will show. It will effect their moods and cause unfavorable photos and video. When your bridal party feels good and comfortable they will look happy and stunning.
Now, isn't that the atmosphere you want on your wedding day???