Celebrity Footwear
Fashion's Enemy or Friend?

Does celebrity footwear influence fashion?
I believe that it plays a major role on what shoes "we" average people come to like. If I see actress, musician at a award show I am checking out their clothes and shoes.


Shoes are an important part of fashion. Shoes are able to complete a look and save it.

Ever see someone wearing something that is not very attractive, but they have on some killer heels. You can hate on the outfit, but you love the shoes.

Celebrities have a way of introducing new designers, styles and features that may go under the radar until they start wearing them.

Not everything happens this way but certain items when a "high profile person" wears it can make it a hit. When Carrie Bradshaw aka Sarah Jessica Parker began wearing Manolo Blanhik's and Jimmy Choo's their popularity intensive to a whole new level.

Besides she really did wear Manolo's and Choo's outside of the show. Honestly, while I sit back and watch the re-runs of Sex in the City I still express a sigh of wonderment when I check out the girl's shoes.

Outside of the television programs, movies and the music industry who better to than a celebrity to get your name out there?

People admire people who are considered the glamorous and famous. We love to see what they are wearing and how they put it together.

Famous people make living appear so easy and fulfilling. Imagine everything you wore was scrutinize and copied. Flattering? Yes, but to a point.

Everyone wants to feel like an original and not a mass produce copy. Your great choices would be celebrated, your bad ones could haunt you for really long time.

Footwear is a personal choice, but celebrity footwear is everyone's choice. We will complain, trash talk and make faces at any well known person when they select a pair of shoes that are just not right or we didn't like.

We expect more from our celebrities and we demand that they get it right every time. Yet, we follow what they are wear.

While I was watching shoes during Fall Fashion Week 2012 in New York I was thinking what celebrity will make which designer more noticeable?

Kim Kardashian you either love her or hate her, but the girl can wear a pair of shoes! Her shoes are one of her best assets, besides the obvious stuff. She has wonderful taste in shoes.

Beyonce is another woman who always has nice shoes on her feet. She is typically caught running around in New York with some kick ass shoes on while multi-tasking. She has her lovely daughter Blue-Ivy getting into the excitement of wearing shoes.

Stars have the ability to own hundreds of shoes from the best shoe designers. They are excellent for creating buzz for new and current designers. Sometimes all it takes it for one pair of shoes being worn by a celebrity and the designer becomes successful.

Regardless, who the shoe designer is when footwear is worn by a celebrity it's like the designer has arrived. Celebrity footwear is fun to watch, great to admire and heartbreaking for most of could not afford to wear the shoes. Ahhhh! to be a star!