Charles David
A Shoe Love Affair

Charles David shoes are fashion forward designs that are constructed with the finest quality. They enhance your wardrobe with perfection and elegance. Moroccan born, Charles Malka has been involved in the shoe business since the age of 13.

Influenced by European design, his shoes are known to be show stoppers.

The business was started in 1987 and was based on the creative works of his design team, and produced by reputable manufacturers.

Charles Malka shoes are designed to entice and give a jump start to your wardrobe. They are well constructed and reasonably priced. They give you that something extra without being extravagant.

Charles David is a privately owned company. All aspects of the business - retail, design, advertising, marketing, public relations and distribution are in-house.

This allows complete control over every facet of the business, and leads to less mishandling of the products.


A David shoe plays the role of making a woman feel powerful and romantic while seeming to do it effortlessly.

They are designed with a woman's passion for looking good and feeling comfortable. Charles' concept was to create shoes that were sexy and luxurious, yet comfortable to wear.

Not the least expensive shoes on the market,they represented value and luxury at the same time. A C. David shoe is considered one of the most comfortable shoes available. This includes his line of boots as well.

Basically the Charles way is all about shoes. The company is going into handbags and other accessories at a moderate pace, but their focus remains women's footwear.

In 2012 the David company launched the Collection of Classics, featuring riding boots and oxfords in distressed leather.

The concept was to give classic footwear a tweak and twist.
As quoted by Mr. Malka "My only hobby is shoes and always has been." We can only hope this never changes.