Charlotte Olympia Shoes
Stylish, Sexy With Humor

Charlotte Olympia is a footwear designer who takes retro styling and gives it a modern twist.
Her creations are made up of the tallest heels, wild animal prints and brightest colors.  She carries a 1940's vibe within her styling.

While attending the London College of Fashion she found her calling in shoe design.

Once she realized her that her heart was in designing shoes Charlotte enrolled and graduated from Cordwainer College, which is now a part of the London College of Fashion.

Charlotte Olympia Dellal is from a prominent family of London real estate developers. Her mother Andrea Dellal is a former muse of  Valentino's.

Olympia's sky-high double-platform heels are more than show stoppers, they also tend to have a sense humor.

With lips or kitty cats there is always something whimsical and cute on her shoes.

Charlotte has been quoted saying, "I think my shoes are classic with a modern silhouette and a feminine touch."

Ms. Olympia launched her label in 2006 once she graduated.  Her first store opened in July 2010 in Mayfair, London. 


All of her shoes are handmade in Italy. They are completed with her signature spider web on the soles of the shoes. 

Her signature web is based on the children's novel "Charlotte's Web" A book she read and loved as a child.

The aforementioned high heels Queen, partner up with the humorous and fashion-savvy handbag designer,
Olympia Le Tan.

It was an ideal match. Olympia Le Tan is known for her attention-grabbing clutch bags, which resemble, or look identical a book.

When Charlotte hooked up with Tan she became inspired by her brand’s signature spider-web logo. She created a clutch that resembles E.B. White’s children’s book “Charlotte’s Web.”

Her footwear was not to be neglected and the collaboration between these two women resulted in the classic Charlotte Olympia ‘Dolly’ heel embroidered with words as ‘terrific’ and ‘radiant.’ A perfect way to uplift your mood and to remind us that fashion as life should not be taken so seriously.

The 2011 winner of the Accessory Designer Award at the British Fashion Awards and the celebrity power has brought Charlotte a great deal of attention.

Kelly Rowland has been spotted wearing a pair of killer heels by Charlotte Olympia and fellow Destiny’s Child band mate, Beyonce has been spotted donning the fashionable label.

Beyonce had Charlotte create a pair of custom shoes for her own little fashionista Blue-Ivy.

The picture to the left  shows Lady Bey and Princess Blue-Ivy wearing similar shoes. Bey is wearing her leopard printed cat flats Olympia's and Baby Blue is sporting mouse flats by Marc Jacobs.

The songstress and mom is often seen wearing a pair of pumps by the famous shoe designer. Kate Moss and Sienna Miller are huge fans of Ms. Dellal's shoes.

Charlotte Olympia Dellal design signature is the classic high heel with a modern silhouette in a rainbow of colors with leopard print.

She brings class, style and fun into her shoes. She offers woman a chance to be sexy but show they can laugh and be silly in their heels, but still look hot!