Buying Cheap Boots Does'nt make You Cheap...Maybe it Makes Us Wise

Towards the end of every summer I start thinking about cheap boots. Not my fault, the stores have been showcasing fall apparel since the middle of July.

Boots are "so must have's" for the latter part of the year. I reglious start the boot count down as of September. The process of locating where to find high-end boots at respectable prices.

These past few winters lead me to discover that cheap boots are not such a bad thing. Wait and read on before you make a judgement.

A boots price does not always tell the story of the boots worth. A boot should provide 3 major qualities:

  • fit
  • Comfort
  • Hold-up
  • No where does it state a boot has to be expensive in order to achieve these benefits. Its just "DESIGNER" boots are so much least in our minds.

    If you can find boots that fit well, comfortable and hold-up the price should not be factor. Price reduce boots get a bad rap for if they cost so little how can they suitable?

    With the right amount of determination, time and research. You can find inexpensive boots that look good and will carry you through the season.

    What price point makes a boot cheap or price challenge?
    If the boot is to the knee anything under $50 is consider inexpensive.
    An ankle boot the cost effective price range is anything under $35.

    The over-the knee boot anything under $60.
    These prices are not exact, but they give you an idea of cost savings.

    What determines cheap boots pricing?
    Pricing is reflected against the materials of the boot. If you find a pair of leather knee high boot for under $50 you would have found an excellent price. The same boot made out of cloth should have a lower cost.

    What the boot is made-up typically is how the price is determine. This does exclude designer footwear, for their cost is based on other factors.

    Designer boots and shoes price point has factor in the branding, advertising, reputation and craftmanship. So even their discount boots can be costly. Brand name merchandise are associated with quality materials, artistic indifference and reputation. This leads to higher production cost and higher prices.

    Now, I know you all thinking, ok, great...yada yada... but
    "Where do I go to get cheap boots?"

    I can provide you a list of places on-line where to go and that is the quick fix.

    How about I school you how to get low cost boots that are quality, designer brand and of course CHEAP!

    Shopping on-line for inexpensive boots is simple enough. Plug in cheap boots and you will see around 77 million hits.

    No one has time or patience to go through all that. So let me save you some time. I researched and compare pricing on some of the top on-line cheap boots sites.

    Now if you come across other sites/stores please add on to our list. By year's end our list will be so sweet no cheap boot store, outlet, website will go undetected.

    OK... Here we go!
    This list is in no particular order. Based on research, shopping and word of mouth.
    Offers excellent footwear at great prices. They carry traditional and contemporary designers brands.

    The shoes are good looking and range from 35% to 75% off. Their clearance section holds more than 1 pair of shoes/boots in each size.

    Prices range from low to medium expensive. Designer Alexander McQueen's shoes are priced at 40% off MSRP.
    The largest on-line footwear store in the world. They carry over 1,000 brand names shoes and boots. Zappos carries major designer brands that run 15% to 60% off.

    You can find any style of boot that you need. Zappos line is not super expensive or inexpensive. Their prices are reasonable.

    Can you find a pair of cheap boots $50? YES.
    You will have at 100 selections to choice from. is the world largest retailer. Believe me I was shocked to discover that their cheap boots or actually cheap. They carry brand and off brand names. The boots are nice, comfy and affordable.

    Prices range from $11 to $1,200. Finding boots under $15 that don't look like $15 is a pretty darn amazing. purchased who had purchased
    So keep in mind, when you are buy from or you are buying from Amazon. com.

    Before you ask... No. All pricing between the stores is not equal.'s prices could be lower or higher than or or vice versa.
    This particular site offers boots at a very low price. They really are the definition of inexpensive boots. Prices range from $25 to $103.

    Shoeocean carries around 25 brand name boots. The boots are available in ankle, knee, can find some fairly nice selections at this site and get them for practically nothing. is not a site dedicated to luxury quality. Their primary goal is to sell footwear at a low price. I found some cute reduce price boots that I use for the bad weather and their performance was super.
    Make Me Chic is a blend of funky and casual. They carry a next blend of very cheap and cheap boots. Nothing over the top in pricing.

    They seem to market towards a younger crowd. Plenty of platforms, ankle boots and above and over the knee boots. MMC is not a luxury brand name carrier, which helps them keep the cost down.

    Pricing ranges from under $20 to the $70 bucks. MMC boots are inexpensive, cute and they define "cheap" without looking cheap.

    Wearing inexpensive boots does not make you cheap. Sometimes I prefer to wear something that isn't expensive.

    During bad weather, around the house or running errands. I don't need to wear my nicest boots. If anything happen to the boot I don't flip out.

    Cheap boots are a savings grace at times. They are sturdy enough for what I need, but the fact they cost so little I don't mind if they get messed-up.

    Besides some cheap boots are really cute. I have seen some that you could not tell that they cost under $50 and if you could it didn't matter.

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