Cheap Bridal Shoes
Doesn't Mean Low Quality

Cheap Bridal Shoes are not a sin. Every bride has in her head what she wants and how she wants to look. I totally get this, but I also understand we don't have endless budgets. Which means we sometime have to cut cost on some items.

When we think about cutting back on cost we consider, what is the one thing I want, but don't really need? The bride takes inventory on everything she wants for her day. The one thing that maybe changed without being tragic, is her choice in shoes.

If she was considering high-end designer shoes. She will now have to wonder, Do I just want shoes for the because they will bring attention? or do I want them because they are designer?


Let's take a look at cheap bridal shoes.
I really don't think we should refer to them as cheap for it sounds tacky. Actually, that maybe why we take offense to shoes that are not expensive.

Cheap bridal shoes doesn't mean bad quality. Nice shoes, even designer can be purchase at lower prices. You just have to be willing to do the research. There are a few ways of discovering beautiful, elegant, cute and sexy shoes for smaller bucks. As a shoe fiend I will let you in on a few tricks of the trade.


How to Shop for Cheap Bridal Shoes

Discontinued Shoes:
Every season there are shoes that will no longer be carried by the store.

They either didn't do well on the sales floor during a season, or the designer and manufacturer have decided the line is over.

This is where you find terrific shoes for excellent prices. Sometimes reduce by 70% to 95% off original price.

Discount Shoe Chains: These stores carry wonderful collections of the latest styles. Their inventory is constantly rotated. When they have a sale or reduced price section you can find some amazing shoes.,, are shoe favorites to find quality shoes at affordable prices.

Dyeables Shoes: Don't laugh! These shoes have come a long way from the days of being once called, "old lady shoes". Dyeable shoes have upped their game big time! They can be made into any color you want. They are cost effective and the styles are sweet. Even designers are getting into the dyeable game.

Used Shoes: Ok, this one is not a favorite of mind, but it is worth looking into. There are used bridal shoes on ebay that are in mint condition. They may have been worn just once and look brand new. So don't look down your nose at a used shoe option. Some of the shoes have never been worn due to cancellations, changed of mind and etc.

Inexpensive bridal shoes are available in most fabrics. Satin, Velvet, Lace and Silk. The fabrics may not be the highest in quality, for they may be blends of the fabric.

When you purchase a blended fabric make sure that it is stain and tear resistant. You don't want your seams to split, a strap to pop, or get a ugly wet stain.

A factor when you buy a cheap bridal shoe is durability and comfort. If the shoes are not going to last the day then they are pointless.

If the shoe is uncomfortable then why purchase? Just because they are inexpensive doesn't mean they are entitled to hurt or fall apart.