Cheerleading Shoes Are Cool 

Cheerleading shoes today are geared more towards athletics sneakers than just being cute shoes. With all the moves, stunts and jumps a cheer shoe needs major support.

 Back in the day a cheerleader shoes was a shoe. It was saddle shoe. Nothing very supportive or well structured, but then again the squad wasn't doing the things that they do today.  

In the 50's Keds introduced the saddle shoe sneaker. It was a typical saddle shoe with a rubber sole. Marketed to cheerleaders.

It provides a little better stability with the rubber sole, but it was still a shoe.  Cheer shoes remained as shoes until the 70's.  It was at this time the athleticism began to creep into the routines and saddle shoes were not going to cut it. 

During the 90's the athletic looking sneaker became the preferred footwear for cheerleaders, It provided more structure and durability for the team.

Cheerleaders are athletes. This is a debatable topic, but the moves, flips and stunts that are used done in cheerleading are unbelievable.

This is a debatable topic, but the moves, flips and stunts that are used in cheerleading is unbelievable.

It takes strength, determination, skill and agility to do the choreography. Their feet take a beating. A cheerleaders shoe needs shock absorption and padding as with most athletic sports. 

The differences in cheerleading sneakers and regular sneaker are:
-Lightweight (4-8 ounces)
-Finger Grips
-Smooth Rubber Soles
-Synthetic Leather 

Tips on Choosing the Right Cheerleading Shoes

1. Choose an all purpose sport shoe. 

2. Look for a design that offers comfort this will help minimize injuries, while giving maximum performance

3. When selecting a size and your foot falls between 2 sixes go with the larger size. Your feet will swell and better to have more room than to little.


Cheerleading shoes have evolved to accommodate the advance tumbling and stunts that are practice today.

There is no longer the cute little cheers with little or no movement.

Today's cheerleader represent superior athletes who incorporate flips and tumbles like a gymnast.

Cheerleader shoes/sneakers tend to parallel trends that a bound by pop culture and fashion. Big brands are seeing this and have gotten into the streamline of designing some rockin sneakers just for cheering.

Nike, Converse, Reebok and Adidas now produce shoes that are specifically for cheerleaders.  All you girls and boys who think cheerleading isn't a sport? check out the Cheerleading Championship Tournaments and then tell see how this is not only a difficult, time sensitive, accurate precision, strengthen requirement sport.