Chelsea Boots Are
Never Out Fashion 

Chelsea Boots are an iconic piece of fashion. They have been around forever, yet every time they appear they have  brought something new to the table.  


Let's start with what are Chelsea boots?
A tight fitting ankle boot that has elastic siding which runs from the just above the welt to the top of the shoe.

The elastic sides make it easy to put them on. Associated with horse riding for equestrians and trainers.  A big staple in the 60's mod scene.

These were the cool short boots the Beatles and Rolling Stones made famous.  During the 60's these boots came in standard colors of black, brown and tan nothing over the top. Because of their height on the foot, it gives them an edgy cool and tough appearance

These boots will never go out of fashion, for they evolve constantly. Check out the first 3
Star Wars movies guess who is wearing Chelsea footwear?  Yep, it's those tall, all white costume out Storm Troopers.  Star Wars came out in the 70's, so once again the hip boot of the 60's is happening in the 70's makes an appearance. 


These adorable ankle boots go with practically anything. They look great with skinny jeans or dresses of any length. They look great with printed dresses that have long hem lines. 

It gives a attitude with a touch of glamour.  You can purchase them at equestrian shops and receive some of the best quality at half the cost of a designer label.

This rugged heel bootie comes in all heights from platforms, to stacked heels to wedges. It will  never hurt your feet or feel the cold.

They have a canning way of working well with almost anything. Everyone should consider owning a pair or two. This ankle boot not only can handle the elements, but they look really cute on the foot.