Christian Dior
The Man Who Created Magic

.Christian Dior name is tied to femininity perhaps more than any other designer. He create clothes that are made for the mature, sexy and stylish woman.

Born in Granville, Normandy Dior had his eye on the fashion world from the very beginning.

His fashion career began by sketching hats in Paris. He enjoyed creating and developing hats for woman who were looking for a bit of the extra ordinary.

His first fashion employment was with Robert Piquet in 1941.
This is where he learned the business of fashion and how he could develop his skills.

Dior worked for the Lucien Lelong fashion house as he began to create his own designs. Dior was the first designer to have a luxury ready to wear house in New York. In 1946 he established his own design house. Looking to design and create clothes that would enhance a woman. Make her feel special and elegant.


Mr. Dior died in 1952 at the age of 52. He was the designer for feminine elegance. His style, vision and creativity are still reflected today. Designers' reference his clothes as some of the best ever created.

The Dior house was sold to the Willot Group in 1978. Bernald Arnault purchased the Willot Group in 1994 and changed the Dior concept. In 1997 Arnault hired John Galliano as the creative director for Dior.

Galliano talent leans very closely to C.D. He has a mixture of feminism, romanticism and modernity that symbolizes Dior. John Galliano left Dior in March 2011 and was replaced by Raf Simons.

Simons has a clear distinctive edge to her designs. Her shoes are distinctive, her clothes are cool but still sophisticated. Her designs offer an alternative to elegance.

She allows woman to have freedom from conventional styles, and cliches. She is the new path for Christian Dior and she is leading the path to our future in design.