Custom Boots Are
What I'm Talkin About!

I have seen boots that are gorgeous and I have seen custom boots. Girl, there is a world of difference between the two. 

Boots that are manufactured for the masses are wonderful and provide the essentials, but boots design for one individual are spectacular. 

Boots have evolved from the common contemporary styling to fit the entire market place to becoming more customized.

Shoes that are designed for your feet are the most comfortable and best fit shoes you will ever own. 

Custom boots are made exactly to your foot's specifications, so image how wonderful they would feel on your feet.

A pair of custom made boots is a luxury item most of us cannot afford. True if we can purchase a $600 phone maybe a pair of custom design boots can be affordable. 


One-of-a-kind boots range from $500 to over $10,000. It would depend on what bells and  whistles you wanted on them. Such as, design detail, the skin of the boot if you are using leather, snake or croc and etc. 

Let's say we can afford a custom boot job. What things should we consider before placing an order?

You need to know the Toe Shape, Heel Dimension, Heel Design and Material.  The toe shape is an individual preference. You can have square, round or pointy.

Most higher heel boots tend to go pointy or square. Although toe shape is reflected on the type of boot you are having created.

Heel Dimension and Heel Design are closely related. They are based on how you want your heel thick or thin, square or narrow, straight or curved. Your dimensions can have a 4 1/2" wedge thick heel or a 1/2" thin heel on a steel spike.

Your selection of material in my opinion is the best feature. You can have your boots made out of whatever your heart desire. Leather is usually the preferred method, for it is durable and strong.

If leather is not your thing try man made materials or burlap, rubber, vinyl whatever material you choose get what you love.


Selecting a talented boot maker is the most important step. You are investing in a pair of boots that should hold up for a lifetime, if they are made correctly.

Interview your shoemaker. Get his or her history and ask for references and a samples of their work.  Don't feel embarrassed or rude. You are investing your money and you will need an visual reference on the end results.

Create a designer boot checklist of requirements.  Here are a few examples:
Boots should have a leather lining and excellent workmanship.  The top stitching should be impeccable. The more top stitching on the boot the more expensive the boot. A pair of dress boots should have 6 to 8 rows of top stitching.

From rock stars to presidents, kings to actors and CEO's to cowboys people from all walks of life love custom boots.  It may be the only footwear that attracts both sexes.

A boot has to fit comfortably on the wearer anything short of  perfect leads to a miserable experience. This is why boot connoisseurs insist upon customized boots.
A gown may make the woman, but her boots set the tone of her stride.