Designer Wedding Shoes
Are They Worth It?

What makes a designer wedding shoes and do they make a difference?
A brand is define by the extra quality of care in materials (fabric) and design.
Brand footwear is made of premium quality fabrics.

Silk is considered a superior quality product for a bridal shoe. The design element and structure should be apparent. A designer shoe should be noticed immediately.

It should literally draw your eye to the foot without trying. Designer wedding shoes are manufactured in smaller quantities than regular shoes. They tend to be more stylish.


The cost of the shoe is based on the details. Using lace, buckles, stones, buttons, leather and fabrics masterpieces are created for the foot.

The highest quality of materials and genius styling and designing of shoe creator form the designer wedding shoe.

Just a side bar of information. You do not have to spend large amounts of money for your wedding shoes or any shoe.

A designer wedding shoe will not take away from your day. It may be something you would like to own, but not something you need.
If you choose to wear designer footwear then understand they will be expensive. Could they possibly break the bank? Heck Yeah, but will they complete the look you want? Probably.

Tips for Selecting the Perfect
Designer Wedding Shoes

- Remember that your shoes make your gown look more beautiful. So try shoes that will compliment, not take over.

- Don't feel pressure to buy super high heels to impress. Make sure you can walk in your shoes and they feel good.

-Think about the long day ahead of you. Select shoes that can take the demand or consider changing shoes.

There are thousands of designer's out in the field, but not all designer's are equal. Try on every pair of shoes.


Lead with comfort and stylish when selecting the wedding shoe. The shoes needs to relate to your taste of beauty and your comfort.

Designer's who are known for creating shoe masterpieces, but are surprisely comfortable. Giuseppe Zanotti, Stuart-Weitzman and Kate Spade.

These three designers are known for creating beauty without so much pain. There are other designers who provide comfort and piazza, yet they hurt like the dickens.

Admittedly most well design shoes tend to be uncomfortable after a few hours. After paying hundreds of dollars for shoes that are not comfortable does seem unfair. If I spend $800 on a pair of shoes they better feel like a pair crocs that look like a masterpiece.

When shopping for designer wedding shoes
there are a few things to consider...

- Wedding venue.
Where the wedding is being held? Is the wedding outdoors or indoors?

If it is outdoors is there flooring or are you walking on the lawn?
Nothing can destroy a pair of Jimmy Choos faster than wet grass. Knowing where you are going to be walking is a primary concern for shoe selection. Outdoor activities need to be accounted for and noted.

- Heel Height, Comfort, and Color all need to be included into your wedding designer shoe selection.

Comfort should be a necessity, but if you can wear painful footwear for over 10 hours then just go girl!So of us will forego comfort for design.


Shoe color can match the gown, or be the something blue, or just a sneaker. As long as the shoe, compliments the gown everything should presentable.

Women wear their wedding theme color(s) on their feet. Which is great, but make sure they look good.

Whatever shoes you choose remember that these shoes will be forever burnt into your memories via pictures and video. So when selecting fun or funky shoes, keep this thought in the back of your head.

Designer wedding shoes can be extremely expensive. There are ways to buy designers shoes without breaking the bank. Buy at discount stores like , and myglassslipper.comThis way you can have the name brand, but not at the designer cost!