Dyeable Shoes Made
My Wedding Perfect!

Dyeable Shoes are gems that should get credit for all that they can do for a bride and her bridal party.

Brides are known to have their shoes color to the shade of their gown. It is one detail that completely unites gown and shoes.

It is very diffucult to purchase the exact color shoe to match any dress.

Imagine trying to match a wedding gown to a pair of shoes?

It is truly not an easy task. This is were dyed shoe becomes super handy.

Dyeable shoes can be dyed to match your gown perfectly. They no longer come in boring standard styles.
You can find dyeable sandals, pumps, stilettos and platforms.

Dyeables come in various fabrics. They are usually made from Crepe Luxe, Satin and Silk. Linen is also used, but it is a heavier fabric and most wedding shoes are typically non-linen.

Each type of fabric holds dye differently and does not affect the coloring of the shoe.

Silk is the most luxurious of all the fabrics. It gives a mid sheen and is soft and supple. It takes dye like a dream. It can be matched to perfection. Of all the fabrics available silk would be the best to use for dyeing.

Satin is a high gloss material and it gives shine. It great for a deep glossy dye job. Crepe Luxe is a muted fabric. It has low sheen, so the color is a matte finish.

There are some interesting facts about dyed shoes. Dyeable shoes are dyed with water souble dye. Water souble dye when exposed to water or deep moisture will cause the dye to bleed or stain.

This fact should be repeat for it so important, "water souble dye when exposed to water or deep moisture will cause the dye to bleed or stain".

Ladies remember when you are in your gown and taking picture outside in the grass make sure the grass is dry.

If the grass is damp with dew, rain or just wet be mindful that you can possible destroy your shoes.

To help prevent this tragedy use a scotch guard and water repellent spray. The spray will not make dyeable shoes compeltely waterproof, but it will help with staining.

Dyed shoes have the ability to look lighter or darker in different lighting settings. Outdoor lighting will make light colors look lighter or look like a different color completely.

When you have your shoes dyed check them in different light settings. Especially if you are going to be going from the outside to the inside. You don't want your white shoes to look pink while you are being photograph.

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