Elegant Shoes Every Woman Dream

Elegant shoes are shoes of quality. An inexpensive shoe can and will decrease the value of your clothes. Look at this way, why spend hundreds of dollars on a designer silk dress and not wear silk shoes or shoes of higher value.

Shoes are just as important as the dress. So if you think you can get away with wearing a $1,000 dollar dress with a $75.00 pair of shoes and it not be noticed...think again.

It makes no sense to cheapen a dress with lousy shoes.
I get it...we all don't have the money to dress the way we would like and have to make choices on expenses.

Just don't let your feet suffer the consequences. When you realize you need to cut back on your outfit.

Elegant dress calls for elegant shoes. One depends on the other and if you find a pair of inexpensive shoes that look exceptional and could pass for high end. Then take a chance and wear them!

Can you wear classy shoes just for the hell of it?
Sure you can! and as a matter of fact... I do.

I love seeing rhinestone shoes with designer jeans. A dressy shoe is no longer a faux pas to wear before five. The shoe can be utilize much earlier in the day. Of course not every shoe can coordinate with our everyday clothes. There is a way to work the proper shoewear into
non-proper occasions.


The dressy shoe works with the non-formal dress by creating combinations that merge and present flavor.

By mixing conventional with casual creates a blended balance. A harmony of formal and casual start with each piece complimenting the other.

Try wearing a pair of satin shoes with a pencil skirt. It gives the outfit an extra wow factor. Replace those boots you were going to wear with your jeans with some jeweled shoes and you conceive a polish chic display.

What colors of dressy shoes are an absolute must?
Colors are a reflection of your personality. Some women like dark and some prefer light. There are women who like a mixture of the two.

When it comes to evening shoe color selections the "must have" are black, gold, and silver. According to fashion principles these three colors can honor any wearing apparel.

Imagine going to an event wearing a gold gown. What color of elegant shoes would you choose? If you had the three basic evening shoe colors, then any one would be acceptable.

A pair of gold shoes would be expected. Black is a no-brainer, but the silver shoe would be unexpected and different. What it boils downs to is your preference. Elegant shoes are just shoes with better addresses.