Evening Shoes
Elegant, Electric, Expensive

What are evening shoes?
Evening shoes are formal shoes made out of finer materials and constructed with little to none imperfections.

Designed with stones, feathers, ribbon, lace and straps that give the shoe an powerful impact.

Created for women to cause dramatic intense purposes. A long flowing evening gown with elegant shoes is a vision of beauty.

Women's formal shoes are the notably one of the finer pieces of footwear. They are expected to be extraordinary
dressy shoes.

Elegant shoes are no longer black high heels. Once dressy shoes were basically high heels that were black and contain some artistic details. Shoes have come a long way since the plain but sexy black shoe.

Shoes of color began to appear in formal wear and things started changing. Silver shoes were seen on the red carpet with gowns of assorted colors. In today's current trend high heel sandals are colorful and worn with formal wear.

Shoes of color bring a statement without being over the top.

They can create light to a darkness of wearing a rich deep color.

Try wearing all black with a pair of bright pink or red shoes.

It's like a bolt of lighting striking color opens the outfit up and makes it appear alive.

How do you purchase quality formal shoes?
There are three guidelines to follow when buying twilight shoes. Good Materials, Classy, and Construction.


A formal shoe should be made out of quality materials. The materials should be above standard grade.

Satin, silk, lace and fine leather are acceptable. Regardless of the material used the shoe must be put together well.

A pair of satin shoes cannot have the "taunt" (tightness) of the material loose around the foot.

The shoe needs to be above-average in appearance for is complimenting the clothes. Remembering the saying, "anything done half way, looks half way right".

Dressy shoes are classy. These are formal shoes. Classy shoes represent style and appeal. A shoe that stands alone from the crowd. A beaded shoes is a perfect classy shoe.

Construction of an After Six shoe is the key to it's appearance. The way that the shoe is compose tops how the shoe appears. A sloppy shoe speaks volumes and cheapens the best ensemble.

A formal shoe requires every tiny detail to remain flawless. The seams and stitching have to match up. No bunching or fabric pulls are acceptable. In essence the shoe must be picture perfect.