Feminine Boots Are Made For
Walking, Talking And Looking Good

How do feminine boots enhance an outfit?
By providing style and functional capabilities for any type of clothing. Boots are universal they can make a pair of jeans dressy or make a skirt look casual.


Platform boots with a stiletto heel look wonderful over a pair of skinny jeans.

Depending on the styling of the boot they make a statement of stylishness and a step above casual.

An above or below the knee skirt worn with a knee high boots presents a up-to-date fashion image.

Feminine boots continue to enhance our clothes by the assortment of heights, heels, lengths and materials. There are some cheap boots or inexpensive boots that are fashion forward. A pair of black vinyl walking boots are very complimentary.

Wearing a pair of boots creates a symbol of high fashion while providing coverage from the elements.

What is the purpose of feminine boots?
hmmmm...Good question and there are five key benefits that boots offer:

Feminine boots can keep your feet warm and dry from the elements. A pair of rubber boots works every time.

Besides rubber boots are so "chic" today. You can buy them in any style or design. I always loved wearing yellow galloshes even when it wasn't raining. Presentation is always key!

A pair of high boots with a below the knee skirt is perfection. Your lines are long and sharp. You are establishing a professional successful image. This outfit goes a long way in establishing a great look and being trendy.

Multi-Task Boots are capable of going from the work place to an evening on the town. They blend with most apparel. High Heel boots are sported to the office and on the dance floor without skipping a beat. Boots protect us from the elements and give us a rockin hot look.

Sex Appeal
Boots can be very sensual. Being featured as a dominatrix tool has not hurt their reputation. Sexy boots are usually very hot boots. They are black or red and feature a leather or patent sheen. Unfortunately, these boots are usually typecast fetish boots or kinky-boots.

Universal feminine boots are an adaptable piece of footwear. They are great sources for bad weather, sports and fashion. You can wear cowboy boots on and off the rodeo. The same thing with ski boots. Made for the sking and yet acceptable in the lodge for hanging out. A pair of snow boots can impress a pair of jean or keep your toesy warm and dry.

Did you know there are different forms and styles of women's boots? Form is the way a boot it is structure. Style is the type or design. Think of it as the way a car has a make and model. A boot has a style and form. Boot forms and styles range in degrees of height, design and price.

Boot forms and styles range in degrees of height, design and price.

Forms of boots are:

Styles of boots:


Most of the form and styles of womens boots are familiar. There are a few that you may not recongize by name, such as the chap boots or chelsea boots.

After seeing a picture of these boots, you will probably be aware of the boot style, just not the name. The Wellington boot is an example of a boot's name maybe not familiar, but once viewed you recognize the style.

The Valenski boots and Russian boots are import styles from Russia. The Valenski boots are made from very soft materials like the Mulkluks.

Feminine boots are more than just pretty. They are conventional, comfortable, soft, sexy and of course pretty. What style you choose or like their is always something interesting available.