The Excitement of Fetish Shoes

Fetish Shoes???...what the heck does that mean?
Shoes to have sex in? Or does it mean something else?

A fetish is something we are in awe with that causes an erotic response. Sexy shoes can evoke those feelings not just for women but men as well.


Fetish shoes tend to be extremely high heels. Heels are (7) seven to (8) eight inches high.

They are known for there bold and vibrant colors or the standard being black or red.

Materials are leather, velvet and shiny patent leather. A Dominatrix favorite tool. They are very sexy and alluring shoes.

Customarily they are shoes dedicated for sex and sexual games. The shoes represent fantasy with thrills of excitement. Seeing a woman wearing a pair of super high heels with a short skirt is enticing. It causes the juices to start flowing quickly.

These love shoes are about seducing and making things a bit more interesting for you and your partner. They can lead into role playing or creative illusions.


Kinky shoes are not suited for daily clothes. Could you image your co-worker working in 8" platforms with a business suit?

Yes; it sounds hot, it's just too sexy for the office. These type of shoes are better suited for the bedroom, kitchen or wherever you can be in private. Unless you are an exotic dancer...then it's your job to wear these shoes to work or work in them.

There are people out there who have strong fixations on fetish shoes. They are either collectors or shoe lovers. Yes, there are people who are in love with their shoes. Fantasies are created by incorporating exotic shoes.

Dominatrix's tend to wear fetish shoes for role playing. The shoes are very commanding and who doesn't find a woman in super high heels tempting? Kinky shoes are thrilling and exciting. They evoke excitement and arousal. It is something different and appears too naughty.


Does wearing these types of shoes make you strange or weird?
No. It does not make you anything other than a woman in striking high heels. Kinky shoes are more about the imagination than anything else.

Take an exotic dancer in her 8" heels dancing practically naked but her feet are covered. It
provides a bit of the unexpected and mystery.

A shoe that can be used as a sexual aid is not a bad thing. I find that woman like wearing high heels as part of their negligee ensemble...well I do. It gives me a sense of power and confidence. Besides you look taller and your legs become miles long.

There is a huge selection of fetish shoes from the super high heels to the most outlandish embellishments. You can look like the Halle Berry's Cat Woman or your basic run of the mill Dominatrix's.

However, remember these shoes are not easy to walk in. So be careful walking around. Hey, these shoes look great even if you are just standing still!