Flat Sandal Types...One For Everyone

Flat sandal types range in seven (7 ) different styles:
Open Thong, Closed Back thong, Ankle Strap, Open Toed, Closed Toe and Mesh.


Open Thong: Stylish look, Slimming for the feet. Looks fabulous with tanned skin. Show piece for the feet. Camouflages the width by fabrication of the sandal.

Closed Back Thong: Same as the above, but closed back. Offers more support and easier to wear for the additional strap keep the foot in place.

Ankle Strap: Classic design, prefer by mature woman or woman who like feel their feet are secure. Suitable for the office. This style of sandal is a favorite among designesr for it never goes out of style. Fits any age group.

Open Toe: Cute simple design, offers feet a constant feel of air conditioning. They give the feet plenty of freedom. Great for those of us who have sweaty feet. This are great evening sandals if worn in gold or silver.

Closed Toe: The most supportive sandal. Consisting of straps around the front of the foot and sometime around the ankle. There are slip on styles as well. Great toe hider when pedicure is not up to par. Worn with causal clothing or jeans.

Mesh: Very light weight sandal. Neat and futuristic designs. Comes in assorted colors and styles. They can be very causal to elegant. Often mixed with different types of fastenings.

Of course every flat sandal is not for everyone. Which is why there are so many flat sandal types available. Choosing a flat sandal is a personal preference like most things, but we all must accept everything is not for everyone. If you are honest with yourself you will know when something is not working. Don't give up! It just means there is something better out there for you.

The most common flat sandal type is the thong sandal. These sandals are fun to wear, comfortable and they look great on most feet. As long as the feet are toe ready(toes painted and cut) you are ready to go. Women love the thong sandal for they are very comfortable once you get use to having the toe separator between your toes.

The Ankle Strap sandal is a flattering sandal with great possibilities. It is a sexy shoe whether or not it has a heel. Whatever sandal you decide on make sure it has these 3 elements:

Ease of Wear
Suitable for the Environment

Flat sandal types should contain these characteristics and if they do you have won the battle. Having 2 out of 3 is not the greatest, but you will survive as long as one is not comfort. Never, ever give up comfort for anything for in the end you will suffer if you do. Or I should say your feet will.