Flat Sandals,
Do They Make Me Look Fat?

What do you wear with flat sandals?
Jeans or denim in general. Jeans look best with the straight leg. Straight or narrow hips work best. I apologize to the curvy woman (which I am one) a low sandal doesn't give women with curves their due. It makes us look chunky and thick, which is fine if that is the look you are going for.


Shift dresses are excellent low heel sandal stoppers along with great accessories. Shorts and classic mini skirts. Pants that are cropped and capris. Pants should be straight leg or have a slight flare. Do not go to tight or long.

Make sure your pants are not covering the back of the shoe for it will look careless and sloppy. These tips should help when you are questioning what to wear with a lower heel sandal.

Do flat shoes make you look heavy, shorter & undress?
The answers are, no-yes and maybe. A sandal cannot make you look heavier or thinner. What it can do is trigger your thought process into thinking you are heavier because you have no height.

If you have additional weight on your frame the flat sandal is not going to increase your image size. I grant you a higher heel makes us feel taller and that makes us feel slimmer.

A low heel or no heel makes us feel shorter and heavier. However, you weigh what you weigh and no shoe can change that scale.

If you wear a flat shoe and are height challenge, you will look shorter. When wearing heels all the time and then switch to a flats. What does everyone say? "Man, I didn't know you were that short?"

Logically speaking, no heel means smaller leg and height length. Higher heel means taller and longer legs. A flat sandal does depreciate height.

The reason most of us wear flat sandals is for comfort. They allow us to feel free from our heels and give a light airy quality.

Your feet are at a premium during the summer months and you feel relax and comfortable. Deciding on wearing a pair of sandals that are low and pretty make us feel great and it's a pair of shoes we can actual walk in.
There are so many
flat sandals types available you are bound to find one you love.