Flat Shoes Are The Go To Relief Shoes

Can flat shoes provide more than relief from high heels?
Before I answer that question, let me ask, what do women think about height challenge shoes? Women's feelings towards low heels vary. Sometime we want shoes for comfort and other times we want shoes that are high and look great.

We think lower heels are a necessity when our feet hurt or when we are taller than our significant other. In answer to the first question, can no heel shoes provide anything additional then relief? Yes. A lower heel shoe does offers style, comfort and flexibility.

Walking around in a pair of ballet flats represents a quiet gracefulness. They provide comfort which embraces contentment and harmony within. There is something about the flat shoes that evokes these feelings. Could it be that you are no longer under the pressure of having heels on your feet?

Simple flip flops feel like a day at the beach. They are so inviting and relaxing. Almost like a cloud where the toes can flex and open without constraint.

What are the advantages of wearing flat shoes?
One, flat shoes do not have a heel or a heel with significant height. Which means your feet are level to the ground. A pair of women's loafers can relieve the feet and have a subtle preppy appearance.

Flat shoes are very adaptable. These shoes can practicality coordinate with anything. Of course there are assortments of apparel that the flat shoe doesn't compliment.

For example, an evening gown, is better accessorize with a heel then a flat dress shoes.

The flat shoes are great travel buddies. Since there they lack a heel they can fit into plenty of small spaces. Perfect size for a purse or briefcase. A pair of moccasins easily fit in a medium pocketbook. Usually flats are made out of soft materials that are flexible.

Slippers are a soft-type flat. A shoe without a heel is easier to carry unnoticeable. Women who walk distances to their jobs, often wear flats and switch to their heels.


Types of Flat Shoes
Women's saddle shoes also called oxford shoes. Low heeled shoes with fancy leather uppers and plain toe. Usually seen on golfers, prep or catholic school children. They were big in the 50's with poodle skirts and hop dances.

Worn today as a retro inspired look with short skirts. Cheerleaders and Pep Squads are know to wear saddle shoes. Still an inspired look for golf and bowling shoes.

The Mojari is a colorful flat shoe from India. These shoes are highly decorated and usually have a pointed toe. If you remember a scene from Sex in the City 2 Carrie brought all her friends a pair before heading back home. They are very whimsical shoes which are handmade and hold the most wonderful color schemes and designs.

Mojari's may be worn to work, but you have to be careful on what you wear. You don't want to offend a room with your footwear. So choose carefully before walking out of the house and make sure your shoes are notice, but don't announce your present before you walk in the room.

The most famous low heel shoes are Mary Jane's. These low cut shoes with one strap have been around for decades.

The Mary Jane fits into heels or flats classifications. The Mary Jane shoe brings a certain familiar feeling of being girlish and young. This is probably why they are used as a seducing element for men.

Seeing a women dress up in a plaid skirt with button down top and black Mary Jane's represent naughty and days of yesterday. Mary Jane's flats and high heels are acceptable in the work environment. They can range in height and style, go from the board room to an evening out.

Winkle Pickers are funny named shoes, that played a big part in fashion in the 50's and today. They are low heeled flat shoes with long pointed toes.

Made popular by the rock bands and fashion runways. The front of the shoe or boot has an elongated thin pointed tip that looks like your toes would be mushed together.

These shoes made a huge comeback in the late 2000's. They are slightly alter to present a more current trend.


There are flat shoes that are excellent for the outdoor activities. Deck shoes are perfect for the outdoors.

They are low rubber sole shoes that are comfortable and manage to look great with a pair of shorts or mini dress.

The deck shoe can pull double duty by being functional on a slippery boat and give the casual look a little humpf.

What is the difference between boat shoes and deck shoes?....Nothing. They are the same shoe just called by different names. A boat or deck shoe is also called a Topsider.

These shoes are wonderful activity shoes and they are quite comfortable. They manage to look good and can dress up an outfit a tad better than athletic shoes.


A little shoe called Crocs debut on 2002 and continues to be a best selling shoe for adults and children. Not the prettiest shoe as far as fashion is concern, but it provides a comfy feeling of walking on a cloud.

The shoes are made of foam resin and come in various colors and style. They are not the most attractive looking shoe, but the comfort they supply is unbelievable. Crocs are made for adults and children in many styles. I will say they are adorable on children's feet.

What do you wear with flats?
Practically anything you want...well of course there are some rules of thumb to go by...
Lower heel shoes should be worn with skirts an inch or more above the knee. Flats tend to make our legs look shorter and if you wear a longer skirt you cut the length of the leg.

Try pairing a colorful flats with a flare skirt or dress. It creates a smooth light feeling of movement. Capris and cropped pants fit nicely with flats. They give a relax feeling of being calm and sincere. Low heels compliment shorter length pants. You can wear flat shoes with long pants.

A tip for wearing low heels with long pants. Make sure when you wear long pants, the pants are straight leg or have just a hint of flare in the leg. This way the flat is exposed and the length of pants won't interfere. Do not wear pants that are too long or cover the heel of shoe. Flat-shoes tend to make legs look squatty.