Giorgio Armani The Dream Designer


Very few can cut a suit like Giorgio Armani for either man or woman. A true artist of fashion and style. Born in Piacenza, Italy to humble parents.

The families of that time were struggling due to World War II. Armani grew up in Milan where he developed an interest in anatomy.

This lead to a few years at the University of Piacenza were he pursued medical courses.

Armani had to complete his military service so he left school. During his off time in the service he got a job in a department store assisting the photographer and setting up display windows.

Once he finished his military service he did not return to school. He got a job with La Rinascente a famous Milan department store. He joined the staff of Nino Cerruti as a designer.

The first collection was men's clothing. In 1976 he released his women's line which was well received. His clothes were revolutionary to the times. They had a natural fit and with a soft palette of colors. Giorgio believed in neutral soft delicate colors.

The Armani brand was taking over Europe in the late 70's, but was still an unknown in America. In 1979 the Giorgio Armani Corp was formed. The brand began manufacturing clothes for the USA.


It wasn't until 1980 the movie "American Gigolo starring Richard Gere did Americans actually understood what the Armani brand met. Giorgio was the costume designer for the movie.

The suits he designed and created for Mr. Gere were cut and fitted to precision. Every woman wanted her man to look just as like the American Gigolo.

This film led to the Armani brand grabbing the spotlight. The success of the film led to more costume designing for movies. The brand has appeared in over 100 films.

Miami's Vice Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas wore his clothing through out the television series and soon very guy was dressing like them. The Armani power suit was in such high demand stores could not keep them in stock.


He approached celebrities like Jodi Foster and John Travolta to wear his designs.

The first American celebrity Giorgio approached was former Los Angeles Lakers Basketball Coach Pat Riley.

Riley agreed and became the best dressed coach in any sport for quite a few years.

By 1990 Armani had over 2,000 stores worldwide and annual sales of over 2 billion dollars.

He was the first designer to ban models with a body mass index under 18. With the death of Ana Carolina Reston who literally starved herself to death. Mr. Armani knew someone had to take a stand against models becoming too thin.

With a long list of "first" Armani has been the mainstream designer of the century.


He was the first fashion designer since Christian Dior to appear on the cover of Time Magazine.

To broadcast his collection live on the internet and the first in the world to design and display Haute Couture.

In 2005 he introduced Haute Couture to the world. This brought fashion into a new dimension.

Despite all the success Giorgio Armani remains humble and modest. He states, " I like the idea of having built this beautiful empire, but I still like to think of myself as a stable boy." The always modest and soft spoken designer who has contribution so much to fashion and style.