Gladiator Sandals... Gladiator Movie...
Russell Crowe...Just so Yummy!

Think of the movie 300 and you see gladiator sandals and togas on hot men. Nice image! Now think of Egypt and women wearing super hot roman sandals. Sexy is the word I come up with.

Gladiators shoes have been around forever. The Greeks and Romans made them famous and fashionable. Little has changes with the development of these sandals, for they are still based on the original designs.

What are Gladiator Sandals?
Glad you asked. They are open (flat or with a heel) T-strap sandals with several straps that run across the front of the foot. Worn by both women and men. Typically the heavier and thicker straps are on the man's version. The women's rendition has thinner straps with a lot of detail.

Reminders of a time and period long ago. Built sturdy with lots of straps. Once men wore them more than women. Think Romans and Greeks and all the men spouting poetry and verse in sandals.

How do you coordinate different styles of gladiators with clothes?
Another excellent question. With the various heights of these sandals different clothing works better for each type.

The low gladiator's bland well with jeans and longer dresses or skirts. These sandals are the ones that come up to the ankle and has either a slight hint of a heel or no heel at all.

Medium to calf length gladiator sandals are paired with shorter dresses. Dresses that sit above the knee. You don't want to wear a long maxi dress or long skirt for then you won't get to show off the shoes.

High up-to-the-knee sandals are perfect with super short skirts, shorts and little dresses. Wearing a pair of knee length sandals with a cute little mini is perfection. You increase your leg length and eye appeal.

There is one thing to keep present in your mind. Gladiator sandals are show stoppers. So be mindful of what you wear with them. Your clothes should not be competing with the shoe. This is one time where your outfit is not the primary attraction. So watch what you wear, simple but appealing works best.

Roman sandals are not for everyone. They can create a perception of wide feet and thick calves. Of course if you have wide calves they are going to look larger. This style of shoe needs to be tried on before you decide to buy them.

These sandals have lots of straps and buckles and you will need to see how they feel and lay across your foot. Sometimes, when an intricate shoe is placed on your feet the straps or embellishments can dig into your foot or feel too tight in some areas.

Sandals of this nature are made of leather and they become hot. If you are wearing a pair of knee high shoes with 5 sets of straps going up your legs. The legs may get uncomfortable and it may sweat or become irritated.

Gladiator sandals can range from casual to sophisticated. They work well with most clothing and they are very sexy. A little shoe with tons of straps promises to reign in fun and excitement. You can become a Greek goddess or Bohemian chic within the capabilities of one shoe.