Gucci the Double G's

Gucci has changed since the days of the original owner. The company has grown and developed into a huge corporation. The elegance and style remain present in their products, but it hasn't been an easy road.


Guccio founded the business in 1921. In the middle of the depression and war, business was failing and materials were becoming harder to obtain.

The company was making leather handbags and leather was not readily available. GG decided to make his handbags out of canvas.

In order to achieve a feature look for canvas, which is certainly not leather, he decided to distinguish the bags by adding a interlocking "G" symbol.

He combined it with red and green bands, the same colors as the Italian flag. With these changes the bags were a hit and the Gucci brand became well known.

Since he believed in delivering the finest craftsmanship and materials, the name was associated with class and quality.

In 1932 GG created the "loafer", a flat non-descriptive shoe with a gilded shaffle.
The shaffle was a horse reference that he wanted woven into his creations. A lover of horses and their accessories he meshed the two together.

The loafer was the golden egg for the company. Til this day it is still sold, worn and copied all over the world.

The GG loafer is the only shoe that is on display at the New York Museum of Modern Art.

Movie stars and high society travelers wore the brand as a status symbol. It represents glamour and class. GG became an international success.

In 1960 the original loafer had a face lift. The shaffle was replaced with the double GG symbol. It was as if a a new shoe was born. Shoes were a primary staple in the line. They were crafted well and comfortable.

During the 80's GG shoes generated the primary income source.

It was during this time things were changing inside the design house, and not for the better. The shoes were being mass produced. It hurt the brand image.

GG realized it was not possible to mass produce the shoes, while maintaining a luxury image. Something had to give.

Still feeling the hit from the 80's, the company was suffering from brand tarnishment. Copies of their merchandise were popping up everywhere. The company was not in a good place.

To get the label back on track, Tom Ford was hired in 1994 as the artistic designer. Tom turned the brand around by recreating the special quality of elegance and stature.

The Gucci Group was formed by a collection of designers who specialize in high fashion, luxury retail. It consists of Bottega, Venta, YSL, Sergio Rossi, Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen and GG.