High Heel Sandals
The Truths and Myths

High heel sandals....I love them probably more than any other heel. They are sexy, open and foot slimming. Such elegant shoes for any occasion. They can be dressy or casual. Sandals have the versatility to go from day to evening wear without effort. Creating beauty to any outfit and they supply a gorgeous look.

The only requirements in wearing high heel sandals are selecting the the proper style and heel height. Every sandal is not for every outfit. Like everything else there is a time and place for every style of sandal. For example you wouldn't wear rhinestone sandals to a office meeting? or wear satin sandals to a bbq?

How do we go about choosing the correct high heel sandal?
Well, first we should look at heel height. What heel height makes you feel comfortable? Can you handle a 4" inch heel or higher? Most higher heel sandals start at 3" to 3.5" which is good height?

Next, lets take a look at what we are going to wear? Your outfit plays a major role in selecting the right shoe. You don't want your sandals to out shine your clothes. It's all about coordinating the two items together.

Concede your own personal taste and style. You know what you like and what works best on you. Think about your body type and leg shape. Your sandal should also be stylish and comfortable. The avant garde sandals may be a bit over the top for your clothes and usually those shoes are pretty to look at, but hard to wear. When shoes are hard to wear they are typically uncomfortable.

Knowing your body frame and understanding high heels are how
you will determine what works and what doesn't.

Ankles pay a major role in sandal appearance. If you have cankles (when the ankle and calf look like one) or thick ankles a high sandal may not be for you.

Sandals, especially with laces or straps will accentuate this area. A lower cut shoe is more flattering if your ankles are broad. Be conscious of the materials the sandal is made of. Some fabrics are not universally flattering on every foot.

Canvas and rubber are not that complimentary on everyone. Canvas tends to imprint the foot structure and rubber makes feet look bulky. Remember not every shoe is for everyone.

Today's high heel sandals are durable and made from almost every type of material. They go from the office to a night on the town.
When wearing sandals to work make sure that they are not over the top. They should not be to sexy or to high.

There are offices where sandals are against the dress code. I believe as long as they are not the type of sandal you would wear with an evening dress a sandal can be ok for work.

High heel sandals can supply refinement and elegance. However, if you wear the wrong set of high heels you can create a world problems. Uncomfortable, inappropriate, harsh and just plain wrong.

A few tips before you decide on the sandals off your dreams. Make sure they work well within your wardrobe, they are not to high for you and you can walk in them. Because of sandals strappy nature they tend to not have a ton of support. They can look great on display and on your foot, but once you try to walk in them..... Always practice walking in your high heel sandals in the store and home.