Every Fashion Show Incorporates High Heels...

and high boots as a bonus feature.

High heels make bold statements and demand attention.

They supply the illusion of longer and leaner lines.  Representing class, grace and elegance. 

Women love wearing heels for it gives the advantage of being taller.

We can appreciate our born given height, but having a few more inches by wearing a shoe is icing on the cake.

A shoe with a heel grants the impression of power and confidence.  Why?  Height commands strength and power. Heels make this happen. In one swoop you can go from a 5'3" dymano to a 5'6" POWERHOUSE. 

You may not become Wonder Woman, but you feel like you could be just as powerful.

Women's high heels will not always give that adrenalin rush, but can portray you as a person who knows what she wants and how to get it. 

Take a pair of casual espadrilles on a soccer mom. She is heading toward a group of parents.

Note her stride she is confident feeling powerful. The other mom's check her out and wonder how does she always seem so together and confident? 

She stands taller. She is ready for anything. A pair of sneakers or slippers don't bring the same reaction. Why?..  It's her height.

She feels strong and embraces those feelings and it shows. I know when I wear heels an aura of confidence surrounds me.

I don't find this quality from my other shoes or maybe I don't feel it as strong. Crazy???...right...but true.

Women enjoy the excitement heels bring. What better drama is created by having everyone ask, "where did you get those shoes?" It's like being the queen of the ball and a such a compliment.

It also raises the questions, "do women dress for other women?" or do we dress for men's attention? I believe it is a mixture of both with a taste of "we like how they make us feel".

Wearing a pair of leather thigh-high-boots can stir up the temperature. This applies to the men and women in that room. Try wearing a pair of boots with a high spikey heel. Your legs will a mile long. Who isn't going to look and admire?

The high heel can induce envy and love at the same time. They provoke us with their magic by creating desire and temptation.

A woman always wants to feel beautiful and shoes somehow instill this feeling into our hearts.

Women's high heels are like men. They can please you beyond belief---at times. Hurt you to the core of your soul.  

Make you feel like your the one and only. Dress you up like no other and yet, they need to be broken in. They come in all sizes and heights. Each one is unique and different. They can be the greatest love or the biggest disappointment.

The thing that differs a high heels from a man, heels are the one thing we woman refuse to live without and one is never enough.