Is there More to Women's Shoes
Than Just Owning Them?

Yes, there is a great deal more to women's shoes. Hey, I love buying and owning
high heels as much as the next girl, but...the truth is, I didn't know a lot about shoes.
I loved buying them and wearing each lovely pair.

Sound familiar?
Do you buy shoes just to be buying them. Never stop to think, hey maybe I don't need another
pair of pumps? or maybe I should reconsider a purchase at this time. If you are like me than
all your thinking is, can I get those women's shoes in a size 8. Please! 

Most women think of shoes as one of the most instrumental accessories in our closets. Yet,
we don't concern ourselves about how we need to become shoe savy connoisseurs. 

I see my relatives and friends go by the "oooh they are so cute!" more than anything else
when it comes to buying women's shoes.   We all want footwear that looks great, stylish and
can go with most of our clothes, but are we missing the big picture? 

I didn't know much about shoes, except that there were heels and flats. Stilettos or platforms, wedges or kitten heels I admit, I was shoe challenged.  Well, I knew what I liked and that's about it.  

My ignorance was not an excuse.  I just found it easier to buy my favorite accessory than learn anything about them.  The thing is, if you truly love something, than maybe you should know the in's and outs about it.  

Who knew there were many ways of maintaining leather shoes? or how to use shoe accessories to get that extra pop. We will discover, learn and enhance our shoe skills from the purchase to the repair. 

Like finding new ways to shop.How to shop for luxury designers shoes, without paying designer prices!  Ok that one you maybe aware of, but I am sure there are methods and ways that you may not know. I learn something new everyday regarding shoes and I am going to share my findings this way we too will have new found knowledge.

Shoes are broken-up into six (6) classifications
Heels, Boots, Formal , Flats, Sandals and Athletic.

Within each classification there are between 5-10 different styles of shoe. Each category of shoes comes in different materials, textures, heights, styles and prices. The specifications are endless.

Finding and buying shoes are one of the greatest pleasures for shoe lovers. Learning how to educate yourself on footwear is completely different and more rewarding.

This guide is to provide YOU, the shoe buyer with information that can help make you become more women's shoe savy. There is nothing worse than to not knowing what is important, regarding anything that matters to YOU. 

The more you know the best success you will have in fixing, understanding, relating and being able to make better decisions it comes to shoes. 

I will supply you with facts, interesting tips, remedies,latest styles, celebrity footwear gossip and trends on shoes.  Just the basic simple stuff every woman should know or at least have access to when she may need it. Knowledge is power and shoe wisdom is the freedom to making the best choices.

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