How Inexpensive Bridal Shoes
Saved My Wedding

Wearing inexpensive bridal shoes for your wedding does not make you a cheap bride. Sometime cost plays a large part of our budget. And things have to weighed and considered. So those Jimmy Choos you wanted for the wedding are no longer an option. So do what you can to find a nice imposter pair or go the other way and buy shoes that are cost effective.

If you decide to spend less on your shoes you probably could spend the savings on something else. Let's face it, our bridal shoes are probably only going to be worn once...on our wedding day.

Do you really need to spend over $500 for a pair of shoes? Probably not. I know they are "the perfect shoe" for your gown and nothing would make you happier. But...there is always a but...
Do you really have to those shoes?

Questions to ask yourself...Will it effect your budget? If you answer yes, then you should probably put them back and look for alternative.

Inexpensive bridal shoes doesn't mean ugly! I think initially that is our first thought cheap equals ugly. Cheap...awweee!...I don't think so!!! This is not the case. Inexpensive does not equal ugly or painful. Usually shoes on the cheaper end tend to be painful.

Will My Inexpensive Bridal Shoes Look Cheap?
No. Cheap shoes no longer have that "cheesy" appearance. You know the shoes I am talking about. They are sometimes plastic, shiny looking hot messes!

Cost-conscious shoes are no longer out of style or old fashion. Most of the styles are influenced by the top designers.

There are many types of shoes out in the market that are inexpensive and cheap looking. On the other hand you can find shoes that are cheap, but look fabulous. It just takes time and effort to find these jewels.


If you are on a budget and cost is a factor then don't spend money you do not have on shoes you may never wear again.

Think about what you want and how you can get it without going into debt over a pair of shoes. I get it believe me. You want what you want.

If your budget can withhold a pair of $500 shoes than go for it! If it can't, look for a similiar style shoe in a different element. Such as, Discount store, Used Options or Dyeables. You can find alternatives.

Your style plays a large part in selecting your wedding shoes. Matter of fact your entire wedding. If your wedding is a formal affair you really need to stick with a traditional shoes.
Not boring, but something as simple as a pump.

Goodness knows there are tons of cheap pumps that can cost next to nothing. A pump is a excellent cheap bridal shoe and you can never tell the cost!

Non-tradition wedding? you have a tons of options. You can go with a platform, sandal or whatever you are in control. Right now the current trends are sandals, platforms, boots and ballet flats. These types run from the expensive to the least inexpensive shoes. You can find a great looking sandal for under $30 and it can look like it was a great deal more!

Inexpensive bridal shoes are not a bad thing. They are economical, pretty and functional. They deliver when cost is factor.

Who cares??? How much you spend on a pair of shoes. Just get a pair of shoes that are affordable, comfortable and make you happy. It's not about how much you spent, it how it is spend.So go an out and get your inexpensive bridal shoes and do yourself proud!