Who is the High Heel Superstar?
Jimmy Choo that's Who!

First let me say Jimmy Choo shoes are one of the most gorgeous shoes in existence. They demand attention and respect. Crafted to enhance your clothes, but becareful for they known to steal the spotlight.

Born in Penang, Malaysia from a well crafted shoe cobbler. JC was around footwear his entire life and appreciated his father's job.

At the tender age of 11 Jimmy made his first pair of shoes. Educated at Cordwainers Technical College, in England.

JC discovered that he could create shoes with a designer's flair without scarifying craftsmanship.

He became the Ambassador for footwear education at the London College of fashion.

In 1986 the first Jimmy Choo store was opened in Hackney, England. A small shop within a great location. He immersed himself into his designs and created shoes that were beautiful and unique. He slowly began to gain popularity and woman became drawn to the Jimmy Choo style.

Within 2 years of his store opening his shoes were featured on the cover of Vogue.
Princess Diane became a major supporter. She began to wear his shoes to almost every event. Princess Di known as a "Fashion Diva" wore Jimmy Choo's meant they were good enough.

Hollywood got wind of the JC collection and the stars wanted in. Julia Roberts, Rene Zelliweger, Cate Blanchette and Madonna.


Producing each pair of shoes by hand meant only 20 pairs a week.

High demand, low supply made the line desirable. Since all JC's shoes are handmade his craftsmanship is perfected in simple details.

Choo's are never too much, yet equal to the elegance of designer fashions. He stands for feminine, stylish and sexy.

Using python and fish skins materials made his shoes very enticing. Organic materials absorbed dye much better than manmade materials. Implanting crystals on shoes for healing powers and design appeal. Always on the outlook for something new and appealing.

The late 90's stores opened in Los Angeles and New York. These prime locations would increase the brand name.

1996 Jimmy Choo Ltd was introduced. Jimmy partnered up with Tamara Mellon who believed that the line could go further and into a different direction if the shoes were no longer handmade.

Choo didn't believe that mass producing was better for the company. He felt quality should be the greatest asset, not quantity. Jimmy and Mellon could not agree on how to run Jimmy Choo and ended up no longer being partners.

In 2001 Jimmy sold half of his company to Robert Besoussan or Equinox Luxury Holdings for 30 million dollars. He agreed to the continuous usage of his name, but the shoes produced by Jimmy Choo Ltd were no longer designed by Jimmy.

Jimmy has return back to his shop in London producing handcrafted footwear. His shoes are described as dainty but deadly. For they bring out the beast in the lady. Jimmy never forgot that quality always will and does come first with a Jimmy Choo Shoe.