Chic and Simple is
Kenneth Cole

Kenneth Cole is a triple threat designer. He is a marketing genius, possesses a serious shoe bloodline and has a social consciousness that remains a forefront in every aspect of his business.


Born in Brooklyn, New York he was a graduate of Emory College of Arts and Sciences.

His journey into the shoe world began from a young age. His father, Charlie Cole, is the creator and manufacturer of the Candies shoe line.

As a man with expression, he got into the designing game in the late 80's. He believed he had a point of view that could come across in his shoes that was different, but sellable.

He envisioned a simple yet chic style, which he still follows today. In 1982 Kenneth Cole Productions was founded, but quite by accident.

Originally the company was simply named Kenneth Cole. Since he could not afford to display his shoes at a hotel for fashion week, he had to rent a trailer, which was possible only if his company were producing a film.

Being forever creative he formed Kenneth Cole Productions and filmed "A Life of the Shoe". After selling 40,000 pairs of shoes that day, Kenneth had made his mark.

KCP was the first member of the fashion community to take a public stance on the fight against Aids.

"What you stand for is far more important than what you stand in, and to be aware is more important than what you wear" as quoted by Kenneth Cole. No truer words were ever spoken.

KCP is no only known for its shoes, but it's controversial ad campaigns as well. They draw worldwide attention based on both humor and social awareness.

His marketing techniques have made his company a forerunner in fashion and trends of the day. Known for his famous one liners, his ads many times deliver a mixed message that goes beyond the fashion world.

Kenneth licensed his name for sunglasses, jewelry and men's wear in 1988. In 1994 Kenneth Cole Productions went public. His lines now included Kenneth Cole New York, Kenneth Cole Reaction and Unlisted. He has branched into clothes and accessories.

Married to Maria Cuomo (daughter of former Governor Cuomo and sister of Andrew Cuomo), Kenneth continues to shine in New York as well as around the world.

His shoes are what make him famous. His mind is what makes him enduring. His marketing is what makes him memorable. Speaking his mind and continuing to support social causes is what makes him fabulous!

As of September 2012, designer and entrepreneur took his namesake firm private in September after stockholders approved his $15.25-a-share buyout of the stock he didn’t already own. 

Kenneth Cole is Off the Trading Market