Kitten Heels
The Controversy Heel

A kitten heel is a short slender heel usually 1/2" (3.5 centimeters) to 1 3/4" (4.75 centimeters) with a slightly curve. 

The heel is set from the front edge of the shoe.

These shoes were introduced in the 1950's for young teenage girls.

High heels were to grown-up, but a slight heel would be acceptable. Think of kitten heels as high heel trainers.

The low heel shoe gained in popularity for the heel was just high enough to give height, but low enough to wear for long period of time without being uncomfortable. Besides, they could be worn as a casual or formal shoe.  

Now the kitten heel has a few weaknesses as well. They are really a comfort shoe with a heel. They do not elongate the leg like the stiletto. 

They can be unflattering with certain apparel and they can make your legs look stubby. These shoes are not for everyone, but they do work if you understand their limitations.

Being a shoe that falls into the territory of flat and high heel can be tricky for some women. For you want to wear them with most clothing, but sometime they can underrate your outfit. Ladies, sometime you need a high heel no matter what and sometimes a flat may be acceptable.  

The kitten heel curved heel was created to provide more heel stability.

A stiletto is a long thin heel with limited structure for balance. With the curved heel you are provided with more heel width, which gives better balance. 

The low heeled shoes are lady like, dainty and professional looking.

The current first lady Michelle Obama is a big fan of these shoes. She is tall woman who really doesn't need to add height, but feels comfortable in this type of shoes.

The kitten heel looks amazing in the pointy-toe and cute feminine touches, like bows, buckles or ties. They are a very retro-looking shoe so go for pairs that are simple and minimalist. Go for pairs in leather in neutral tones.  

A pair of tan/beige kitten heel sandals are worth their weight in gold. They look great with a sun dress, capris, or shorts.