Knee High Boots are Possibily the Best Boot of All

Knee high boots are perhaps the favorite styling of women's boots. They present a touch of sophistication with a streamline to the classics.

Knee boots can strum up playfulness and coolness. This style of footwear compliments above and below the knee apparel. It looks wonderful with mid-length skirts or leggins.

This boot is acceptable for most professional dress codes. Wearing a pair of knee high boots welcomes advantages of being both stylish and preventive.

Let's assume you don't know anything about Knee boots.

You know that you like them, but you feel kind of lost on how to pick the right ones.

Knee boots are like ice cream flavors. There are many choices, but not every ice cream appeals to everyone.

Boots work on the same principle. Every boot does not compliment every lady's foot.

When purchasing Knee high boots one must consider body type, occasion, color and heel.

I will explain each prerequisite you may like to think about before buying a pair of boots.

  • Body Type
    Your body frame plays an important factor on what boots to the knee are thumbs up or down. Depending on height, fuller figure or petite suggest which boot is beneficial for you.

    For the smaller and petite women knee length boots with a snug fit work best. Taller women's boots look nice with a snug or loose fit.
    Fuller figure ladies require a loose fit or close fit, but nothing snug.

  • Occasion
    Depending on what the ocassion is dictates what boot you should wear. If you are headed out to work. A lovely plain boot is best. Plain in the sense of "no trimmings" The work place is not the place to wear boots with chains, large accessory buckles and etc.

    Dinner or casual outing the best boots are the ones that can have slight detail trimmings. Possiblyfor work...but maybe they have a tad over-the-top appearance.

  • Color and Heel
    The color and the heel of knee boots play off one of another. Again, depending on what and where you are going indicates what color and heel height is acceptable.

    Things to know about knee boots
    A small Questions and Answers section. Providing ideas and helpful tips.

    What to wear with knee high boots?
    Simple enough...

  • Longer skirt - past the calf
  • Dark Leggins
  • Short Skirts
  • Narrow or Full Skirt
  • Skinny Jeans
  • So, you have quite a few options when you wear knee length boots.

    What not to wear with knee high boots?
    Please avoid wearing the following items. Unless you plan on wearing these for halloween or something?

  • baggy jeans and pleated pants
  • shorts
  • The reason why knee boots are not recommended with baggy or pleated pants. They tend to create a balloon effect.It's like someone ran a air hose up your pants. Filled them with air and force you into boots! Not attractive!

    Shorts with knee high boots tend to look trashy. I know it's not nice, but the combination makes one thinkof a working girl.

    Not the kind that actually works for a company, but the kind that is self employed...usually.Works with other "ladies of the evening". No, judgements... just clarifying.

    How to wear your Knee high boots in the professional world?

  • Wear boots with subdued color schemes. Meaning your browns, blacks and tans.Your warm earth tones.
  • Hey, don't hate the boot whisperer...hate the professional protocol. Consider where you work and your job before putting on boots that signal unprofessional.

  • No patterns, boot accessories, or patent leather boots.
    I know they are sexy as hell...but not for the office.
  • Select boots with a mid to flat heels. Nothing over 3" inches.
  • Again, not one of my favorite rules, but honestly where are you employed that you need 4" to 6" inch heels? If you can't wear the boot to a funereal, then isn't right for the office.

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