Kobi Levi Shoes
Masterpieces or Just Oddities???

Israeli shoe designer Kobi Levi makes the coolest, interesting, unusual shoes ever created. His shoes look like art, but they are wearable.

Kobi began designing shoes in high school. A graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. Never one to run with the pack Kobi had ideas that his shoes could represent innovation and creativity in an obscure way.


Kobi Levi shoes create an illusion of calmness and gentleness. They enhance the essence of typical daily objects into shoe shapes. Kobi was fascinated with shapes and forms which he introduced into his shoe line.

He liked that he could design a shoe that looked like a pot of coffee being poured or a heel stuck in gum. It gives the shoe character and personality.

Creating Kobi Levi shoes is a complicated, intriguing process. It involves architectural materials, techniques and tooling.

His shoes are comparable to designing and building a luxury building. Each phase must be meticulous structured to support the weight of the foot while being hosted in a creative shape.


The process begins with a two dimensional sketch of a shape that Kobi finds intriguing. Next is the tooling to create the heel.

The inner structure is constructed out of metal pieces to hold the curve in the right direction. The uppers are tested with various materials and pattern cuts.

One of the most interesting shoes made by Levi is the platform wedges. Carved out of cork, foam and rubber. These shoes tend to be his signature piece. You will not see wedges like his from any other designer.

All Kobi shoes are handmade and take about a month from sketch to realization. Using the finest quality materials to create innovative and unique footwear. Mr. Levi opened his store in 2011.

The buzz around his shoes began in early 2010.

He is becoming well known throughout the fashion industry. Celebrities are beginning to appreciate his unconfined shoes.

Lady Gaga wore a pair of his shoes in the video
"Born this Way".

Levi was so honored that she choose a pair of his intriguing shoes and actually made full use of them throughout the video.

Kobi Levy shoes are not making him a rich, but for him it is not about the money.

It is about creating and developing shoes that are based on everyday components. Granting them access into the world of fashion as footwear art and yet remains functional. His first United Kingdom pop-up store opened October 22, 2012 at Selfridges. The store will feature 25 limited edition styles.