Leather Boots And How
Far They Evolved

Leather boots were initially used as protection for the legs and feet for the military and horseback riders. When a fashion designer saw the possibilities of said boot; he began a trip that was never-ending.


Boots are not just for the armed forces or cowboys they have a place in fashion and we love it. From function to fashion leather boots are used in a variety of ways.  They exist in an assortment of styles, designs, colors and various cowhides.  

Since leather is durable material if properly care for can last many years. This is one of the reasons why animal hide is used for boots.  Animal skin like human skin is strong and pliable.  when taken care of it can maintain it's shape and structure. 

Leather boots need regular maintenance care. They need to be kept moisturizes, clean, polished and protected. Kinda, like the skin on your body. Look at it this way if you treat your boots like your skin (if you take good care of your skin) you will be able to get more than one season out of them.

The great thing about cowhide boots is how they can dress up or dress down almost anything. Wearing a pair of cowboy boots with tight jeans are an look that any cowgirl can appreciate.

Same boots worn with a suit can be just as appropriate, but it has to be the right suit. What needs to be impressed upon is that boots are universal.

Leather boots have evolved into intricate design fashion accessories. They still provide protection from the elements and give some of the most beautiful aesthetic value.

The current footwear available is probably some of the best ever created. The different architectural plans and angles have made shoes and boots works of art.

Some are to pretty to just put on your feet. They should be on pedestals in museums or in art galleries.   

With the cost of leather boots not being cheap proper maintenance is a necessity.
This brings us to the Q&A of animal skins boots.  

Dear Shoebaroness:

Leather scratches easily, How does one remove scratches?

Most tan leather scratches can be fixed inexpensively. You will need a boot brush, clean lint free cloth, leather conditioner boot polish or cream polish.

Following the below steps should have your boots scratch free and looking gorgeous!

-Brush boots in a circular motion (use a boot brush - do not use any other type of brush) brush small sections at a time

-Clean boots with lint-free cloth to remove any leftover dirt or debris

-Use another clean cloth and wet with cool water, ring it out until it damp, not soaking wet.

-Apply leather conditioner this may remove the minor scratches.  Rub the scratch area in a circular motion for a few minutes.  Use a lanolin based conditioner. Lanolin acts as a waterproofing wax and natural moisturizer. 

-Apply a tan boot polish if the scratch is still present. Make sure you use a cream polish.

-Once completed apply a water repellent. Spray lightly and evenly from top to bottom.

Once completed let your boots sit over night and they will be clean, shiny and protect for your next wearing.