What Makes Lucchese Boots the Best?

Sam Lucchese company is known for creating the most comfortable boots in the world. Sam always had a fascination with the foot.


He wanted to create footwear that was great looking, but comfortable to wear. Sam challenged himself to invent such a boot.

The process took twice the amount of time and skill to design. Once completed the boot offered comfort, fit and quality. This superior craftsmanship remains the way Lucchese boots are designed.

The process begins with the careful selection and cutting of the highest quality leather and ending with hand driven lemon wood pegs. These boots demand time, money and skill. The quality chain is no stronger than it's weakest link.


Lucchese was founded in 1883. Sam along with his son Joseph made boots for soldiers during the war.

Being a wise businessman Sam knew that if he designed footwear for the military he would receive large contract from the government. Which would grant him the opportunity to provide our soldiers with the best possible boot.

The boot had to be sturdy, durable and comfortable. They need to reflect comfort, beauty and durability.

Sam developed a method that consisted of a twisted core inside the boot opposed to being flat. You would place your foot in a cylinder shape rather that a flat surface.

This would allow the foot to rest comfortably inside the boot for long periods of time. This design is as close to the anatomy of the human foot as possible. It feels like you are wearing a sock on your foot instead of a boot.

Once word spread how comfortable and beautiful these boots were presidents, kings and hollywood celebrities all wanted a pair of the famous Lucchese boots. John Waye and Gregory Peck were big supporters of the footwear. John & Gregory believed that no other boots that could compared.

Sam knew that he had created something that would revolutionize how boots fit the foot, but he didn't foresee that people would love them. People from all over the world wanted a pair of these boots. Sam's company has changed very little from it's 120 year existence. The boots remain handmade and their comfort is exceptional.

Sam has been gone a very long time, but the company continues to thrive. They are no longer just a western or military boot company. The company has gone in new directions.

Shoes are now a part of the business and there also a signature line called "Spirit". Spirit's line is geared toward a younger market demographic. There does not feature over-the -top platforms or anything of that nature, but it does carry more general lines of footwear.

Spirit is the next generation of the legendary equestrian and western boot company. More than a century after Sam and Joseph Lucchese began their boot making business, the brand is ushering Spirit, a bold and contemporary lifestyle line.

With short riding boots, sandals, clutches and Ipad covers this featured line is geared toward the younger adult.