Who is Marloes ten Bhomer?

Marloes ten Bhomer is a critcally acclaim shoe designer who creates footwear visions. Her shoes connect the technological world with an artistic flair.


Dutch born (Netherlands) Bhomer is a Master's graduate of the Royal College of Arts in London.

Her designs fuse art, architectual and fashion. Believing that their is a relationship link between fashion and art Marloes demonstrates that fusing into her footwear designs.

The shoes she creates are not always wearable. The ones that are wearable look like pieces of art. They are sometimes to pretty to put on the foot.

Ms. Bhomer gives lectures about her artistic view point around the world. The construction of the shoes is more of an architectural structure. They look like something an engineer or architect designed. This creativity sparks interest in other designers. Her shoes are one of kind masterpieces.

Marelos set up her design practice in 2003. She choose shoes to be her focus for she found them complex, but intriguing. The link between art, fashion and construction is created by man-made objects. They are reflections of ideas, objects and people and how they relate to one and other.


Her first commercially design was the "Biegefold". This shoe was constructed out of one piece of vegetable tanned leather and stainless steel.

The shoe's body is shaped into a wearable form and the heel is metal (stainless steel). Very cool shoes, but they look uncomfortable for long periods of wearing.

Every pair of shoes is created within a 10-12 day time frame. Her bold re-imagining of the shoe. A functional object turned into wearable sculptures, altering our understanding and challenging our assumptions about a ubiquitous accessory that fills so many closets.


Her designs experiment with Rapid prototyping, rotational mounding, 3-D printing, pressing and folding as processes to create shoes.

Marloes shoes are unique and pleasing to the eye. They can be a bit confusing until you see how they are to be worn.

With their angles, edges and unconformed structure one cannot believe that these are shoes instead of art pieces.

Marloes ten Bhomer work is applauded and appreciated. She brings a new interesting perception with dimension and space.

The greatest thing and probably the hardest thing to comprehend she is doing it with footwear.