The Name is
Bernson...Matt Bernson 

Matt Bernson is an ex-construction worker who has become a serious women's shoe designer. No formal design training has stopped this guy from being a hot New York designer.

 Matt started his shoe line in 2006. Based out of Tribeca the trendy comfy portion of New York City.

He believes construction of shoes can be based on the construction of building.

A graduated of Indiana University with a business finance degree. He got into shoes by accident.

While on a trip in India visiting the Dalai Lama he came across a pair of handmade women's sandals. He thought to himself that this way something he too could do and maybe a little better.  Matt returned home and decided to give shoe designing a try.   With help from his jewelry designer mother Bernson created his first pair of sandals.  It was an embellished flip-flop; nevertheless, the shoe flew off the shelves. The success of this shoe launched the "Matt Bernson" line in 2006.

Bernson shoes are elegant, yet casual. Like describing "Tribeca" countryside feel with an urban pulse. All his shoes are hand produced in the South of Brazil.

At a factory that uses eco-responsible materials and advance comfort engineering. A strong believer in getting the environment back on track Bernson is very selective on who he works with.

Matt's designs and create shoes that are price pointed in the range of $90 to $300, but sold in upper end stores. A quality product doesn't have to be out of reach for everyone's budget. The woman who is a Bernson customer is a well traveled, intelligent, appreciative person, who likes an understated style.   His flats are chic and hip, the sandals are rugged but gently girlie and the wedges are hot.


Matt believes there are guidlines that should be followed by every woman when it comes to be being prepared. 

If you can remember these few basic necessities you can get through a day in fashion without feeling unprepared.

Matt Bernson Tips:
First is styling advice to make your life easier and understanding the basic rules.
The second, are tips that we need to avoid at all cost.

Styling tips that every person should embrace are simple and easy:

A cool pair of sunglasses on hand at all times
A well organized handbag where you know where everything is
Wear shoes with a natural color soles (this leaves you with a clean silhouette)

Now for the three things every person should avoid and really listen and understand:
Obsessing over trends and brand names
Needing a stiletto or platform to feel dressy
When looking for height using a kitten heel instead of a demi wedge.