Those Nicholas Kirkwood Shoes

Nicholas Kirkwood is a British shoe designer, Who uses an architectural approach to designing shoes.


His shoes have engineering elements, which make them look like they were constructed by an architect.

They are structured with interlocking plains and angels. Nicholas worked for Job Milliner, as well as London's famous hat designer Phillip Treacy.

The exposure and training under Milliner and Treacy helped Kirkwood apply his unique craftsmanship within his designs.

He decided to apply his creativity to designing women's shoes.
In 2005 the first Kirkwood Collection was showcased with an array of heels and wedges. He arrived in New York to meet the press and introduce his line. Not one to be shy, Nicholas managed the press successfully and received great reviews.

Kirkwood is noted for using quality materials and innovative designs. He uses unusual materials such as devore satin, hand painted suede and leather, python, stingray and cobra skins. Nicholas applies stressing techniques, laser cuts, rubber and mirrored leather to materials, giving them a new and exciting appearance.


2008 Nicholas won the Footwear Designer of the Year Award sponsored by
Conde Nasts Footwear News.

During this time Nicholas opened his first store in the United States. It was located in the meat packing district on Washington Street, right in the heart of the art galleries.

The store is a sea of white, very sparsely decorated. The shoes rest on high pedestals as if they are work of arts, to be viewed and discussed.


Kirkwood shoes are not known for their comfort. They are structured to look interesting, and many times can cause wonderment.

They are not Naturalizers. His shoes are appealing not only by their structure, but by the magnificent colors he uses.

They roam the entire spectrum of the rainbow. The oranges, greens, blues and reds are so open and freely displayed.

Every pair of Nicholas Kirkwood shoes is available in one set. There is one pair for each size. This system has managed to keep his shoe demand up and mass production down. Nicholas' specialty is his wedge heel shoes.
They are his most expression pieces, and when you look at them you understand why.

The shoe stands alone, far away from the others. It is bold, strong, interesting and alluring. Thank goodness for Nicholas Kirkwood and his view point on women's shoes.